This year, we decided we wanted to write something involving Keira, Jason, and their ‘lovelight’ cat, Spooky, who makes his first appearance in Mosaic of Light, the second book in The Lazuli Portals Trilogy.

So we offer you a ‘tail’ of Christmas, and one in which Spooky has – for the first time ever – his own voice (courtesy of Ron!) It also seemed appropriate that Spooky had the final word (something Ron would claim he rarely has, hehe!)

We hope you enjoy it – it’s just a bit of seasonal fun. 🙂

Spooky and the Shiny Baubles

‘Oooooooh, that’s nice ‘n shiny – and it moves too.  I wonder if I …?’

“Jason,” I whispered. “Look at Spooky. He seems mesmerised by the baubles, and the way they catch the light!”

“First time we’ve had baubles hanging that low down, “Jason observed. “Hey, what’s he up to?!”

‘What was it Master sings sometimes? Swing low… I’ll just – hey, look at that! It changes shinyness when it moves!  Now, if I just knock it a bit harder…’

“Ahhh, look at him, I wonder what he’s thinking, Jason? He seems to be totally absorbed in it.”

“As long as he doesn’t break it, Keira.”

“He’ll be fine, it’s like a new plaything for him.”

“I’m going to access lovelight, and direct it toward the tree,” Jason told me. “Wonder if that’ll affect what he does?”

I held my breath, watching.

‘Where did that come from?  Perhaps if I knock it about again, I’ll get more of the loverlyness.  Normally only comes from them, but maybe this pretty thing gives as well. Wow, look at it go now!’

I stifled a giggle as Spooky batted at the bauble again, his head on one side as though trying to figure out something. I didn’t want to distract him; his focus was so intense! I switched on lovelight, too, and sent a little more streaming toward the Christmas tree.

‘Oh nice. A really big hit now … hey it’s running away! Catch!’

“Spooky!” Jason leapt up from the sofa and lunged for the cat, just as a paw caught in the winding cable of the fairy lights and the tree began to stagger precariously to one side.

I muttered something incomprehensible and grabbed for the top tier of the tree to steady it.

‘Meow – what’s going on – let me go …. can still see shine down there;  good game of chase…!’

The tree righted, Jason and I grinned at one another, while Spooky stared up at us suspiciously. To Jason I said, “I think we’d better move the baubles to the higher branches. And perhaps the fairy lights too.”

Jason nodded his agreement. “It’s like he could see something we couldn’t, between the decorations. Wonder what it was?!”

I thought I saw the gold star at the apex of the tree send out a momentary burst of light. It was so fast, though, I’d probably imagined it.

‘If I jump down there I can knock it around the floor.  Hey, what’s going on up there, in the branch things?! Hello … who are you?’


With lovelight blessings for a magical and happy December, and a New Year full of hope, joy, and love,

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~