The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~

Our Books

Our first novel, published 12 Jan 12, is The Cordello Quest, which kick-starts The Lazuli Portals series of novels with Keira’s journey to a parallel world.

Themes include lovelight, synchronicities, natural magic (energy healing), crystals, friendship, symbols and spiritual growth. Read more about The Cordello Quest.

The Cordello Quest is available for Kindle (UK link and US link), and in paperback from, Amazon, and direct from us.


Busy on launch day 12-1-12

The second book in this series, continuing Keira’s and Jason’s journeys of awakening, is Mosaic of Light.

Read more about this book here.

Visit our website to find out where you can buy a copy.

Paperback cover

The final book in the Lazuli Portals Trilogy has been released! The Exile’s Blade was launched on 18 – 8 – 18. Find out more from our website or visit our Excerpts here on the blog. The book is available direct from us, or from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats – visit It will be available through other retailers in due course.

We also write short stories for reading aloud at our local Writers’ Circle group.

A few of these tales, together with some longer works, have been published in our short story collection, The House of the Stormwind and Other Short Stories. This ebook (currently FREE! in ebook format!) is available from Amazon (for Kindle: UK and US), from Smashwords (for Kindle, Nook, Apple devices, and other ereaders) and from Barnes & Noble.

Please note that Amazon may not always honour our intention to price this book as Free. Please see our website for other download options, and also if you would like to find out more about the paperback duobook edition, which combines The House of the Stormwind with our other small book Crystal, Fire and Water (see below!)

The House of the Stormwind and other short stories
The House of the Stormwind and other short stories

Our FREE short ebook, Crystal, Fire and Water can be downloaded in multiple formats (including Kindle) from, and is also available at the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

A Kindle version is available direct from Amazon UK and US stores. As we have had problems with Amazon price-matching the other outlets (so that we can offer it for free, for always) we also offer a download of the Kindle version direct from our website.

Crystal, Fire & Water bold 1600

On 30 September 2015, Dark Perfume: Tales of Light and Shadow was published on Kindle. You can read more about this new volume of 33 short stories here. Plus, from 2019, Dark Perfume is also available in paperback!

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