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Free Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy

The Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy … a triplet of Reiki Self-Attunements, free for everyone, forever!

We are pleased to offer you a trio of Reiki systems inspired by the healing properties of three types of quartz crystal. Like many people, I love working with crystals, and aligning with my guidance led me to bring these specific energies through as Reiki systems. (This was before we wrote the first novel, The Cordello Quest, so it’s no surprise that each book in our trilogy incorporates crystals!)

Each attunement is a self-attunement, so you can download the manual, receive the attunement at your convenience, and then get started using your new Reiki!

To download the manuals, please click on the relevant link. Each manual includes instructions on how to receive your self-attunement, and basic guidance on how to use the energies.  I like to keep Reiki simple, so some of the guidance for those new to Reiki is based on the clear and straightforward suggestions provided by Reiki Master Ole Gabrielsen in his own manuals. (Mr Gabrielsen was the originator of the Orb of Life empowerment, which will be familiar to those of you who received that from me!)

These systems are genuinely free. No payment is required for any or all of them, ever. You may also pass the manuals on to others so that they can attune themselves to these Reiki systems.

I remain very grateful to the lovely lightworkers who tested these energies with me, and offered feedback before I made them available.

The first system in the Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy is Rose Quartz Reiki.
I was guided to channel rose quartz first, because of the qualities of love that rose quartz is renowned for. Rose quartz is also one of the key crystals featured in Mosaic of Light, the crystalline sequel to The Cordello Quest.

Click here to download the manual.

The second system is Smoky Quartz Reiki

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful stone for grounding, and also for transmuting old energies and habits, and moving forward. This is something which is very important for a troubled character in The Exile’s Blade!

Click here to download the manual.

The final system in the Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy is Clear Quartz Reiki.

What’s not to love about clear quartz?! It is known as the master healing stone, and supports all of the chakras. Naturally, it also features heavily in our trilogy. To me (and to Keira!), clear quartz feels bright, pure, and cleansing. Gorgeous! 🙂

Click here to download the manual.

We very much hope you enjoy using whichever of these Reiki systems you choose to work with.

NB Please note that the website address and email links within the manuals are no longer operational. I closed Winter Jasmine Reiki several years ago in order to focus more fully on our writing journey. 🙂

With lovelight and crystalline blessings,

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals
fiction for the awakening

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