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Crystal, Fire, and Water

Crystal, Fire & Water bold 1600


These tales are free to all readers in e-format. This book is also available in combination (a “duobook”) with The House of the Stormwind. For all download and purchasing options, please visit the Our Books page.

Crystal, Fire and Water ~ READER COMMENTS

  • “Jam-packed full of beautiful images, great dialogue and layers of meaning, these stories fire the imagination.”
  • “The Restoration of Conover House is simply beautiful as is Sunrise – I shan’t tell you why, read them yourself and see.”
  • “This really is short story writing at its best.”
  • “It takes a lot to craft a decent story with a limited word and do it well. In their collaborated effort with “Crystal, Fire and Water,” Joanna Gawn and Ron C. Dickerson succeed to doing precisely that. Their Flash Fiction duets, each presents a different interpretation of what their character is seeing and feeling, which heightens the enjoyment of reading each set.”
  • “Overall, I was impressed by the writing in this set of stories. I’m looking forward to seeing more by the authors. I’ve added their novel to my wish list. I don’t normally read fantasy, but what I saw in the excerpts in Crystal, Fire and Water made me curious.”
  • “I really enjoyed this selection of short stories and particularly those featuring the Cordello Quest characters. A perfect Sunday morning read and definitely recommended.”
  • “What a lovely easy read, so very nicely written.
    My personal favourites were Yin and Yang, and the short stories based on the authors’ first book The Cordello Quest. I am going to be reading that next.
    Thank you for the free book and I look forward to reading more of your books. :)”


  • “You only have three matches,” the man announced. “Use them wisely.” He turned the key in the lock behind him as he left. The light was snapped off, leaving me marooned in the blackness. Heart plummeting, legs weak, I sank into the chair. Trapped. The only person who could get me out of this was me.I lit the first match, a quivering glow of light leaping around the small room’s walls. It wasn’t long before the flame burned my fingers, the match dropping uselessly to the tiled floor. The darkness seemed even deeper than before.
    [Three Matches]
  • Keira’s focus fascinates Jason. She sees things he cannot, and he feels a flicker of envy. Her gifts take her on paths he cannot follow, leaving him behind when he wants to be at her side. Guiltily, he pushes the feeling away, knowing that Lady Aida would simply tell him to accept what is, without resistance or fear. He sighs; he misses his one-time guide, her wisdom and her dry wit. He’d really felt a connection with her.
    [Dancing Light]
  • Vicki’s sat nav instructed her to turn left. She drove through wide, open gates, passing a sign announcing her arrival at The River Dart Retreat, and followed the directions for Reception. With any luck she’d be met by a hunk with a warm smile, rugby player thighs, and a clear invitation to get to know him better.

    One hand on the wheel, she stroked her silk-smooth blonde hair. She was ready for some fun. What had she been thinking, dating an accountant? She was so over Richard. Her friend Paula had promised her she’d have a great time at this place, and would return ‘feeling a new woman’. Vicki was sure she would have a great time, especially if this retreat included ‘feeling a new man’.
    [Delights of the Dart]

  • She didn’t dare move. And so she simply stood there, waiting, watching, shivering with nerves. When nothing happened, she released the breath she’d been holding and crept back to the sofa. Maybe she was coming down with a virus and it was screwing up her senses. Maybe she just needed to sit down and rest, and close her eyes.Back on the sofa, feet curled beneath her, she willed herself to calm down. But she wouldn’t read any more of the Melton Grange book tonight. She’d wait until daylight. Retrieving the book from the floor, it opened at the last page she’d read, and she felt the tap on the shoulder again.
    [The Haunting of Melton Grange]

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