The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~

The Cordello Quest


Keira ~ just your average young woman who’s suddenly transported to another world without even a change of clothes.

Jason ~ her boyfriend, whose decision could tear them apart.

Lord Charls ~ the Cordellan lord desperate to secure the precious resource that is lovelight.

When Keira’s daily life becomes the stuff of legends, when rivals are readying for war, when she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get home to her own world . . . who can she trust? How will this affect her relationship with Jason?

Integrating storytelling with love and light, The Cordello Quest is a fantasy-adventure suitable for open-minded readers aged Young Adult and upward.

Stone circles, ancient symbols, crystals, natural magic, synchronicities, intuition, and friendship are gently woven into an absorbing journey of awakening.

The Cordello Quest is book one of The Lazuli Portals Trilogy. The second book of the series, Mosaic of Light, develops their ever-changing relationship.


You are invited to read the opening chapters of The Cordello Quest here. Or read an excerpt in this Lightworker Magazine feature (opens a PDF file; we’re on page 13.  Please note this file may take some time to load.)


  • “Mystery, magic & deep wisdom are artistically woven throughout this exciting adventure, with unexpected twists & turns.”
  • “The Cordello Quest is a very thought-provoking work with wonderful descriptions of the `other’ world of Cordello.”
  • “[The Cordello Quest] for me was like a UK version of The Celestine Prophecy. I feel more whole & connected than I have done in many years.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this magical and inspiring book which sees the main character, Keira, travel to another world and experience an incredible and truly life changing spiritual journey of self discovery. I found the messages and lessons experienced by the main characters so relevant to my own life and instantly felt a connection to the multi faceted healing energies of Lovelight, which radiated from each page. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in The Lazuli Portals Series.”
  • “In the spirit of great mythological adventures, The Cordello Quest leads you both deeper into its message & further into yourself.”
  • “Imaginative, thoughtful & intriguing. So well written I could see the words & worlds unfold.”
  • “This was an imaginative read interspersed with spirituality and thought-provoking ideas, this is definitely a story that will stay with me.”
  • “Although I wouldn’t normally buy a fantasy novel I really enjoyed this & couldn’t put it down! It’s a real page turner!”
  • “I can’t bring myself to read the last chapter as the magic will be gone until the next book; not sure if I can wait!!”
  • “A good mixture of metaphysics and fantasy that will both entertain and may also get you thinking.”
  • “The whole book had a calm, peaceful feel to it and I think that most of this was attributed to the clear and precise writing style.  I loved the detailed descriptions because they made me feel like I was actually there alongside Keira on her quest.  I also loved how this wasn’t just an enjoyable fantasy story, it was full of deep meaning and self-awareness which I could translate into my own life.  I felt empowered whilst reading this book and took away a feeling of positivity.”
  • “The energy of the book is what struck me the most. The words were simply a vehicle for the energy to work its magic.”
  • “I loved the idea of “lovelight” and the message in the book that we all carry it within ourselves but don’t always know how to channel it. Although the book is completely original it did remind me of another favourite book of mine The Celestine Prophesy. I felt rather bereft at the end of the novel and I was heartened to read that Book 2 and 3 will be available one day soon.”
  • “This is up there with any Philip Pullman or Raymond Feist. Couldnt put it down from start to finish. Cant wait for part 2 (or 3 for that matter!) Only problem with novels this good it that you are left with a bit a void when you finish them.”
  • “As an adventure story this would be good but with the addition of the magical and metaphysical it becomes a great read.
    It is very clear from the writing that the authors have not only made up a captivating storyline but believe in the benefits and potential of lovelight in reality.
    Anyone interested in spiritual or metaphysical type books will enjoy this book and I am impatiently waiting on part 2 and 3 of this trilogy.”
  • “If you like your novels to have adventure, action, friendship, fantasy, metaphysics, magic & mystery, then this is a story you will love! Looking forward to reading part two – The Mosaic of Light.
    If you liked the Celestine Prophecy series, then this is the perfect follow-on. I actually enjoyed this more as it was more of a fantasy adventure, but both will have your mind buzzing with thoughts and ideas!”
  • “Have just finished The Cordello Quest, absolutely absorbed me, i was taken on this journey and saddened when it came to an end.
    This book for me, resonated so deeply, i wished i could explain it. I felt myself stopping at times, like when Keira looked at the map..and thinking, going within myself as if i was actually there..and partaking in sending out Lovelight.”
  • “This book carries a mix of magic, and adventure yet it covers everyday feelings and issues at the same time. The authors have found a perfect balance between these things and telling the story from the point of view of two different dimensions which is not something I have found often in these types of books.”


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