The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~

About Us

Welcome to The Lazuli Portals! We are Joanna and Ron and have been writing collaboratively since Autumn 2010. Although we started with a novel (as you do!) we also now write short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

The core themes throughout our novels are: spiritual awakening, working with life-force energy, synchronicities and intuition, crystals and other subtle energies, friendship, and (very important!) unconditional love.

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Our blog follows our journey as we write and publish our novels and short stories (and learn about self-publishing, marketing, and ourselves along the way!) We also share our thoughts on books and other resources that we’ve enjoyed or which have inspired us.

In addition, we have a Lazuli Portals Newsletter. There’s a handy ‘Subscribe’ link at the side of this page. It doesn’t cost anything to receive.

To find out more about our writing, and explore The Lazuli Portals series of metaphysical fantasy novels and our short story collections, please wander through the various pages here. We are in the process of updating it, so please be patient if you find any gremlins or repetition! One reason for the overhaul is so that we can bring you the special bonuses which were previously only available at our main website.


Whether you’re interested in Reiki, Orbs of Life (on which the lovelight orbs in our novels are based), hand mudras, how Ron and Joanna came to write together (and about Joanna and her Reiki journey), or just exploring some beautiful quotes from our novels, there’s plenty on offer!

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wordpress blog. One, I love your blog. Two, I love WordPress. Three, it means you’ll now turn up that much more easier. HOORAY! Great job, guys. XXX


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