Recommended Read: Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and VitalityEnergy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality by Donna Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description from Amazon

A women’s guide to using energy medicine to promote and maintain optimal physical and mental well-being.

For more than three decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and to reclaim their natural healing capabilities. In this long-awaited new book, Eden speaks directly to women, showing them how they can work with energy to tackle the specific health challenges they face.

Hormonal health is essential to a woman’s well-being, and in this groundbreaking book Eden reveals that a woman can manage her hormones by managing her energies. In fact, energy medicine is effective in treating a host of health issues. From PMS to menopause, from high blood pressure to depression, it offers solutions to women’s health issues that traditional medicine often fails to provide.

In Energy Medicine for Women, Eden shows women how they can work with energy to strengthen their immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems to promote health, vitality, and inner peace. Blending a compassionate voice with a profound grasp of how the female body functions as an energy system, Eden presents what is sure to become a classic book on the subject of women’s health.

Energy Medicine for Women was awarded the prestigious 2009 Nautilus Gold Award in the Health, Healing & Energy Medicine category.

What I thought of it

A superb book, one which is both informative and empowering.

Through sharing stories and insights from her vast experience of working with subtle energies, Donna Eden ably demonstrates why she is perfectly (perhaps uniquely) qualified to write this particular book.

The authors offer a wide selection of tools for shifting the body’s energies in order to naturally and safely enhance health, wellbeing, and vitality. All of the techniques have been developed so that anyone can apply them, even if they don’t feel or see subtle energy themselves. The text includes detailed instructions interspersed with plenty of photographic illustrations.

There are tools for helping with period pain, issues during pregnancy, infertility, menopause, and weight management, and a helpful chapter offering guidance on energy testing.

Because Donna has experienced severe difficulties with her own cycles and hormones, she knows PMS ‘inside out’, too! Hence there are a number of techniques included here for relieving stress, as well as for balancing specific meridians which might be keeping the energy system (and hence body, mind, and spirit) in a state of stress and ill health.

As a Reiki Master, and someone familiar with EFT/tapping, acupressure, qi gong, and pranic healing, Donna’s words – and the tools she shares here – make sense to me, and resonate at a very deep, intuitive level.

The book is a practical guide, so of course an improvement in a reader’s energetic balance and wellbeing could only occur if the tools are used regularly. But like Reiki and EFT, they cost nothing but time and a little effort to implement, and are available 24/7, so for me it’s definitely worth the investment.

This review has been written following my second reading of the book in April 2016. I hope you’ve found it interesting! Why not leave a comment to let us know?🙂

~ Joanna

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Stains: a micro-fiction piece by Ron



Through this closed window is the way to see it all. The lives of those past who left their mark inside.  The rabble who now infest the home of generations.  And, if you look closely, you may see the many futures open to each inhabitant.  

Those there must choose as their ancestors did before. Will their dreams materialise, if dream they still do!  Yet the action each takes, be it Sonic or homework; which food or which wine; to smoke or to not; to leave or to stay, can create a new world in which they then exist.  Though each can then change and move another way.  

The vibration they leave remains as a stain.  Each choice that is made sends ripples around.  Each swell, big or small, will move all it encounters.  Be it little or huge nothing is ever constant. Reactions may be the same: to be buoyed or deflect; to go under or to swim; bob around waiting or speed off under power; look to horizon or to the depths.

The choices they make can drown in the tide of others’ actions.

Where will the rabble be in ten years, or an hour?


Words © Ron C. Dickerson, inspired by image, by bigjom via


We’ll be using this image again soon, as Joanna has written a couple of haikus using this picture as her focus.🙂

Heroes and Villains

I don’t often reblog, but I felt this needed to be shared as I found it empowering.

It’s a quiet reminder that we all have battles of some sort – emotional, mental, physical, or even spiritual – and we may have to dig deep just to get through the days.

It’s a quiet reminder that we are each heroes in the narrative that shapes our lives.

It’s a quiet reminder that each moment holds a potential blessing, that each moment counts, that each time we are compassionate, open, supportive, and loving, we can make a positive difference.

Thank you Joanna Cannon, for reminding us that the ordinary can be extraordinary, if we choose to see it so.🙂


I have met the greatest hero in the world. Her name was Jackie and she had bowel cancer.

‘Jackie’s going to beat this,’ she told me. ‘Jackie’s going to win.’ And I smiled and nodded, and she smiled and nodded back, even though we both knew this was a victory that would never happen. Weeks later, I was called to certify her death. Jackie wasn’t brave, because by definition, bravery suggests that someone has a choice. A choice to face a fear or turn away. Jackie had no choice, which – to me – made her the greatest hero in the world.

I have met the greatest hero in the world. He is a teenager called David and he has schizophrenia. Before he was admitted, he had been living on the streets for three years, because his mother didn’t want anything to do with him, and yet every Sunday, he…

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Natural Inspirations Series: Greeting The Sun

image for greeting the sun


Bright ribbons of orange-gold vein the morning sky as it breathes lightly over the quiet sea. The headland is almost dusky, a mythical island rising from the waters. The fiery streaks criss-cross like airplane contrails, yet no human hand has caused this; only the delicate brushstroke of nature, needing no further enhancement, no fake colour palette to add to its natural, authentic beauty. Rising above the cloud, the sun-tinted sky grows and shifts to its own music, its own rhythm.
And then … then the sun breaks free, peeking above the rim of cloud and flooding the sky with new light. Higher and higher the bright orb creeps until the day is awakened. The sky nudging the sea is flamed with a soft rose-hued apricot, a broad smudge of lavender . . . depthless aquamarine light resting above it. Shot through with pastel colour, the sky sighs as the blazing sphere of the sun takes over.

© Words Joanna Gawn. Image from Pixabay.

Cool, Calm, and Collected: dark micro-fiction



Toast; sausages; freshly-brewed coffee. Those are the scents which greet me as I walk into the restaurant. I have already shaved, my bathroom mirror reflecting a can of hairspray, a bottle of perfume. Female toiletries in my suite … a culture shock, really. But I’m becoming familiar with them.

She is already here, sipping from her cup in that elegant way she has, although I wonder if she is as aloof as she tries to make out. There is a coolness about her, always, as though she considers herself too precious to be touched.

She catches my eye and a slight smile is sent my way. I mirror her expression, wondering what she is thinking. I imagine her thoughts to be already in motion: the day’s appointments, the contracts to be signed.

And yet … I know how her skin glows in moonlight; how her fiercely red lipstick tastes. I know what perfume she wears, what size shoes are cupping those graceful feet.

I know her.

I turn to the breakfast bar but I am aware of her still. She drains her cup. She replaces it onto the saucer. She wipes her hands on a pure white napkin and discards it on the table. As usual, she departs without a backward glance.

Her table vacated, I sidle to it with my grapefruit and my Earl Grey. A waiter swoops toward me to clear her debris. There is confusion as my breakfast things mingle with hers. An apology; an acceptance.

I eat my grapefruit slowly. There is no rush now. She will check out today, move to yet another hotel. Once I have dyed my hair, removed my moustache and my spectacles, I will follow. She will not recognise me.

The clatter and hum of breakfast chatter starts to fade as patrons return to their rooms. My meal finished, I am among them, the napkin tucked into my pocket.

Upstairs, I add the napkin to my tally: the lipstick, the hairspray, the perfume.

I wonder … has she missed them yet? Does she blame the maids?

I laugh softly, and begin to pack.

I know her.


© Words: Joanna Gawn, inspired by the image, by tiverylucky at

Joanna and Ron at the Crocadon Sawmill Mind-Body-Spirit Fair

What happens when a duo of metaphysical and visionary fiction authors has a stall at a busy two-day mind-body-spirit fair in Cornwall…?

A gathering place where tables almost groan under the weight of their crystals, where people are talking about and working with Reiki and vibrational- and sound-healing … and where a lovely lady wearing fairy wings is creating huge soap bubbles out in the sun for the kids (their parents also seemed to be having a lot of fun, it has to be said!)

Joanna on Day One

Joanna waiting for Opening on Day One

Well, what happens is that those two authors have a lot of fun, and meet many people interested in spirituality, synchronicity, The Celestine Prophecy, crystals, and their Lazuli Portals novels…. the sort of place where our books feel right at home! (Yay!)

We're ready!

Day Two: we’re ready!

The Crocadon Sawmill MBS Fair was organised by Elaine Drake of AromAware, and we were lucky enough to be offered a wide table in one of the three large barns. This worked out well for us, as we made some lovely new friends, met lots of potential readers, and were entertained by a little girl who seemingly had a limitless supply of giggles and joy.🙂

2016-06-12 10.31.38

Birds on tour🙂

Although we had some rain showers, they didn’t seem to deter the visitors. As well as the varied selection of stalls (jewellery and crafts as well as crystals, suncatchers, holistic therapies, and visionary art) we were also able to enjoy the healing sounds of steel tongue drum music (mesmerising), didgeridoo (soothing), and acoustic guitar. There were birds of prey, too – the owls on Day Two were precious! There was also a programme of talks and workshops, so there was a lot going on!

Ian David and his mystical art

Ian David and his mystical art

Linda Perry and her vibrational essences

Linda Perry and her vibrational essences

2016-06-12 11.50.35

Cornish Crystal Cavern – which crystals d’you fancy?!

2016-06-12 09.36.35

Woodland Fairy Tale

A fair few copies of The Cordello Quest, Mosaic of Light, and our short story ‘duobook’ The House of the Stormwind/Crystal, Fire and Water also now have new homes. (Such a lovely feeling when someone says, “I’ll take one of each!”) We hope they will be greatly enjoyed, and treasured for years to come. We certainly had a good time talking with our new readers!🙂

Once again my little opalite tumblestone captured people’s interest, as did our colourful banners and the piles of the books themselves.🙂

Ron 'modelling' our banners on Day Two!

Ron ‘modelling’ our banners on Day Two!

I could have spent a great deal of money at this fair at Crocadon: on bigger crystals (I restricted myself to a few tumblestones, two of which are being written about in Lazuli Portals novel #3); on more of Ian David’s visionary and mystical art (yes, I bought another print, and several notelets!) I could have been tempted with one of the steel tongue drums, too!

Cornish Crystal Cavern

Cornish Crystal Cavern

Our next ‘author appearance’ will be at the Summer MBS fair at the Elm Community Centre in Plymouth on 13 August – please see our previous announcement for further details.

If you’ve been to mind-body-spirit fairs before, did you have a favourite stall or activity?🙂

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Website and Facebook Pages for some of the stallholders

Cornish Crystal Cavern

Natural Magick Holistic Health and Wellbeing (Linda Perry) Web:

Woodland Fairy Tale

Ian David 


Recommended Read: Earth Angel Series Boxset

Earth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other SideEarth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other Side by Michelle Gordon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description

This is the Earth Angel Series Kindle Boxset, which includes the first three books in the series – The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening and The Other Side.

The Earth Angel Training Academy:
When Head of the Earth Angel Training Academy, Velvet, receives a call from an Elder on the first day of term, she knows that the new class will be unlike any other she has taught. While experiencing the most tumultuous time of her very long existence, Velvet must remember her buried past, and open her eyes to the future so that she can prepare the Earth Angel trainees for the toughest missions of their existence – to Awaken the humans before the world ends. Time is running out… The is the second edition.
Review: “The Earth Angel Training Academy packs wonderful and ancient truth into an imaginatively original tale that both delights and enlightens. The result: a read that is both fun and inspiring.” – Neale Donald Walsch

The Earth Angel Awakening:
Twenty-five years after leaving the Earth Angel Training Academy to be born on Earth as a human, Velvet (now known on Earth as Violet) is beginning to Awaken. But when she repeatedly ignores her dreams and intuition, she misses the opportunity to be with her Twin Flame, Laguz. Without the long-awaited reunion with her Twin Flame, can Violet possibly Awaken fully, and help to bring the world into the elusive Golden Age?
The Earth Angel Awakening is the sequel to the Earth Angel Training Academy, also available on Kindle. Warning: Contains expletives and therefore may not be suitable for younger children.

The Other Side:
Mikey is an ordinary boy who just happens to talk to the Faeries at the bottom of his garden. So when an Angel visits him in his dream and tells him he must return to the Earth Angel Training Academy in order to save the world, despite his fears, he understands and accepts the task. Starlight is the Angel of Destiny. By carefully orchestrating events at the Academy and on Earth, she can make sure that everything works out the way that it should, even though it may not make sense to those around her. Leon is a Faerie Seer. He arrives at the Academy as a trainee, but through his visions he realises that his role in the Awakening is far more important than he ever imagined. The Other Side takes the first Earth Angel Training Academy story and helps you to see it from a completely different perspective.

What I thought of it

I purchased this boxset after reading only the first chapter of The Earth Angel Training Academy: I had a sense that the whole series would be fun to read, as well as being sprinkled with spiritual truths. Will every theme and concept in the series resonate with you? Well, as with all books, that will be different for everyone, as we are each unique. Personally, I found a lot to enjoy, and was also left with much to think about.

Aside from the spiritual themes of the books in this boxset, I got caught up in the relationships between the various characters – human, angelic, faerie, and … well, I’ll say no more about them, as I don’t want to spoil your own Earth Angel Training Academy adventure!

The instant manifestation theme was certainly fun for me as a reader, as I imagine it must have been for the author to write! There are more practical topics now and then, too – like dowsing with pendulums, and guided meditations; and the struggles we awakening humans pass through as we gradually gain more understanding of ourselves and of our possible role in this vast, energetic universe.

If you’re aware you’re on a journey of spiritual awakening, and/or simply want to allow new ideas and perspectives to expand your thinking, then I think you’ll really enjoy this boxset. After reading the first three books, I have already purchased the fourth. I know that I’ll read it at precisely the right time, as and when I’m nudged by the gentle voice of my intuition!

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So does this series appeal to you? Perhaps you’ve already read one or more of the books forming the series? Did you, too, find it thought-provoking and an enjoyable read?🙂

~ Joanna