How about this! Fantastic visionary artist Ian David Spencer told me that he created this new piece, “A Prophecy in a Dark Land”, after feeling inspired by our Lazuli Portals trilogy …! Even the title of his creation is a great fit!


In his own words, Ian says: “Where there are dark shadows, dark energy…..combated by the light. Here, just emerging from a portal, in flight, ready to engulf and destroy the darkness….

I was a little inspired by the trilogy and in particular, “The Exile’s Blade”. At least that was what I was “told” after I had created it! It connected me back, having not long finished reading the book a second time. A case of Synchronicity perhaps?”

This made Ron and I very happy – it’s satisfying to know that Ian enjoyed the series so much that he read it twice, of course; but one of the reasons Ron and I went ahead and published our first novel, The Cordello Quest, was the hope that – in some small way – our tale of lovelight, friendship, and the power of universal energy would create ripples of inspiration and synchronicity in the wider world.

With grateful thanks to Ian for allowing me to share his work and his feedback. 🙂

If you’d like to see more of Ian’s art on Instagram, please follow this link!

Joanna and Ron

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