The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~

Orbs of Life

The lovelight globes created by Keira, Lord Charls, and their allies in our Lazuli Portals trilogy are loosely based on the energy tool known as the Orb of Life.

The Orb of Life is very special healing gift. I have made over 100 of them for others, and have 18 of my own. The Orb of Life empowerment was originally created by Ole Gabrielsen and creates an “etheric ball” of high-frequency life-force energy …. one which continually recharges. (This is what makes it different from a simple energy ball.)  

Anyone can receive and use an Orb simply by purchasing one as an attunement, and then calling the Orb to you as instructed.  (Since closing Winter Jasmine Reiki in order to focus more time and energy on my writing, I no longer offer these attunements or sessions to paying clients. However I do sometimes run Orb “healing” sessions as part of book launches or other giveaways, so if that interests you, then you may like to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our free Newsletter.)

The Orb sits above your crown chakra. It is very unlikely that you will see, hear or smell it (although some people do!) however you may feel it “tickling” your head! The Orb remains in position in your energy field and “drip-feeds” life-force energy into your aura 24/7, as well as protecting you from negative energies.  Your Orb will last a lifetime but there is no need to stop at just one.

Some sensitive animals have been known to act very strangely when in the presence of a new Orb, which can be hilarious! If your mature animal starts acting like a kitten/puppy again, your new Orb may be the reason …!

How else can you use your Orb? The possibilities are limitless, bounded only by your imagination, but here are some examples: 

  • clear a room of negative energy
  • charge a liquid with life-force energy (be careful on expensive wine or fizzy drinks though, as they will taste awful afterwards!)
  • clear your chakras, aura or meridians (I often ask that they are ‘optimised’)
  • clear (or optimise) another person’s chakras, aura or meridians
  • ask it for healing or support, on any level
  • lend your Orb to someone for healing or support
  • help you to fall asleep
  • possibly stop a barking dog – you are advised to ask your Orb to request that the dog be quiet. Ask nicely!
  • try using it to heal the Earth – she needs our positive energies and healing more than ever.

Really, your intention is the key (a familiar concept, if you’ve read our novels!), and as long as you don’t attempt to use it for ill, or to over-ride another’s free will, your Orb will do as you request – as long as it’s for your highest good. Experiment with it and have fun – most of all, if you have an Orb, please use it regularly, as it is a very precious gift.

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