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A magical collection of tales


  • POWER GAMES: A remote farmhouse; three people; one result.
  • THE MAGIM’S STAFF: A short tale of resistance and endurance.
  • THE HOUSE OF THE STORMWIND: How far would you go to help your landlady remove a curse?
  • ABANDONED: Is hope enough?
  • MIDSUMMER BEAUTY: A letter results in a surprising awakening for Maddie.
  • LADY OF THE LAKE: Where mist reveals your heart’s desire.
  • ASSIGNMENT: HUMANITY: Is the human race worth saving?
  • RED MIST: A darker tale of power and revenge.
  • KNOCK, KNOCK: Things that go bump in the night.
  • BONUS: Chapter One of The Cordello Quest, Book One of The Lazuli Portals Trilogy

[28000 words / approx. 84 pages]

Tags paranormal, contemporary fantasy, magic, ghost, suspense, surreal, fiction


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