A few years ago, someone close to me bought me my first colouring book for grown ups, with a pack of coloured pencils. I had not done any ‘colouring’ for several decades, but I quickly discovered that it was very soothing and relaxing to do!

Since that day I have well and truly ‘caught the colouring bug’. I have bought (or been bought) many other colouring books, so now I have quite a few!

This burgeoning collection of different books of varying styles is ideal for me, as I like variety – some of the books are small enough to pack for holiday use! I even have a French colouring book featuring Celtic designs – which is great used with my metallic pencils, as they deposit a lovely sheen of colour on the page.

I have a newish book for ‘colouring by numbers’, too! I need clear vision and a bit of extra ‘energy’ to tackle these!

Some of my books contain mandala designs, which appeals to my ‘enjoyment’ of symmetry, and can often lead to me feeling reflective. The preface to one of these books suggests focusing on a mantra or affirmation as you colour. I like this idea; it makes the act of colouring (a physical activity, with a little mental involvement) feel as though it is a spiritual practice, too. Sometimes I like to pose a question and see what answers ‘pop’ into my mind as I colour.


A couple of lovely friends/family have also bought me colouring books with positive and inspirational texts. Look at this one, on canvas, which is now displayed in our ‘snug’!

I also like being able to choose the colours I will work with, and to experiment with them to see which palettes are pleasing to the eye. (I am aware of the colour wheel theory, but prefer to ‘play‘ and see what happens!)

As any stationery addict knows, you can never have too many pencils or pens, so it has been a great excuse reason to acquire more colouring ‘tools’ over the years!

I like technology, so have tried the colouring apps available through Google Play. While I’ve enjoyed using them – and they are very handy when on the move – I have to admit that I prefer the combined ‘synergy’ of hand-pencil/pen-paper, and the susurration of the colour as it is gradually applied to the medium. 🙂

Do you colour for relaxation or mindfulness? What tools and supplies do you like most? if you don’t already colour, do you feel inspired to try? 🙂

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