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L is for Lovelight (Cordello Quest A-Z Series) and …. Happy Birthday, Lazuli Portals!

Despite the importance of lovelight in The Lazuli Portals trilogy, I’ve found it difficult to write about it for this blog post series – I don’t want to give away too much to potential readers who haven’t read the books yet! (Spoilers are something I really do prefer to avoid!)

Hopefully we’ve still done it justice. 🙂

In Cordello, lovelight is a precious energy: a beautiful synergy of the life force energy which is available to us all, and love – the feeling or approach or state which is accepting, compassionate, grateful, open, allowing, and supportive. It is a conscious collaboration of the highest and purest kind. No wonder lovelight in Cordello feels so magical!

As with anything deemed valuable, there are often others who wish to find a way to acquire it and twist it for their own ends. This is one of the key conflicts in The Cordello Quest, and the outcome could change everything for the peaceful country of Cordello.

Soon after Keira arrives there, Lord Charls explains that his country is under threat, and that boosting lovelight yet further may be vital in saving it.

“Keira, the Cordellan strength is in working together and in working with our positive energies. In creating lovelight, in spreading it to raise the energy of all others.

If we can raise it high enough, with sufficient focus and intention, it is possible that we can forestall any attack, and find a peaceful resolution. That is why you have come.”

Before she knows it, Keira finds herself in the quest to save lovelight. In the process, she discovers more wonders than she could ever have dreamed of…

During her time in Cordello, Keira also learns about lovelight globes, although making them is a skill she will need to practice. These globes are based on an energy tool I use called the Orb of Life (I received my original Orb, with instructions, from my Reiki Master).


I’ve since ‘made’ well over a hundred of these little spherical stores of universal energy – most for past clients, friends, and family – and use mine daily. They practically wrote themselves into our series! You can read more about Orbs of Life in the Bonus Section of our website.

As with Orbs of Life, making the lovelight globes in Cordello is one thing, but using them is something else altogether. Aligning clear intentions and purity of spirit with lovelight or life-force energy can be a pretty potent combination, especially if it’s for the benefit of the wider world! In the case of Cordello, working in this way is a major part of what life is all about!

Oh, and before we forget, today marks our partnership’s sixth ‘birthday’ (Ron says it feels much longer than that lol). So happy birthday, Lazuli Portals, and may you go from strength to strength, bringing even more insight, lovelight, and reading pleasure to your readers with each year that passes.

Please help yourself to a little slice of calorie-free virtual birthday cake. 🙂

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Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

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Recommended Read: Reiki for Life (Penelope Quest)

Reiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki PracticeReiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki Practice by Penelope Quest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As far as energy-healing systems and techniques go, Reiki is my first love.

I decided to re-read this book on Reiki to see if I came across any fresh insights. Having done so, I am really happy to include the book in our Recommended Read blog series. 🙂

Starting with a definition of Reiki, Penelope Quest offers a detailed account of how this energy technique was discovered, and how Reiki as a holistic system became as popular and accessible as it is today. She also discusses the electromagnetic spectrum, vibration, and frequency, and explains that Reiki (Rei-Ki) is a specific band of Ki (life-force energy/prana/qi), which is why the ability to open to Reiki energy in particular is normally through an ‘attunement’ or an ‘empowerment’’.

There is a detailed and graphically-illustrated section on treating yourself and others with standard hand positions after Reiki First Degree. Later chapters offer a variety of ways to apply the Second and Third Degree symbols and energies. Quest makes it clear that Reiki works intelligently, and that it assists with improving balance, harmony and wellbeing on the spiritual and mental/emotional levels as well as the physical. Healing can be about so much more than relieving a cramped muscle or toothache – and indeed, it often is!

I particularly like the creative uses of the symbols, as I like to work with intent and to see what my imagination and intuition can come up with. Reiki is pure energy, and intent, as always, is the key! (No doubt you can see where a lot of the concepts integrated into The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light come from!)

As you’d expect (if you are familiar with healing work) there is also guidance on both self-healing and on working with others both in-person and remotely (“distance healing”). Additional suggestions are offered for self-cleansing. The importance of spiritual development is also highlighted.

This is a practical, informative, and useful guide for those learning to work with the Reiki energy and its techniques, including advice for readers who are setting up as practitioners. It’s one I shall refer to time and time again as my experience develops and my healing requirements change!


If you are Reiki, have you read and enjoyed this book? Do you think you might find it useful, if you haven’t already come across it?

And do you have other Reiki texts that you would like to recommend in the Comments?

(For my trio of free, crystal-based Reiki self-attunements, please visit the Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy page which is now featured in the Bonuses section of our website.)

~ Joanna

Recommended Read: Quantum Touch – The Power To Heal

Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal  Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal by Richard Gordon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Details from Amazon

This book teaches the reader to use special breathing and body focusing techniques to raise energy levels so high that it is possible to see postural corrections spontaneously occur as bones gently glide back into their correct alignment.

Beyond this, pain and inflammation are rapidly reduced and healing is profoundly accelerated. This work is so easy that children naturally learn to do it, yet so powerful that it is endorsed by doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors.

What I thought of it

“To empower yourself to use Quantum Touch, you simply need to learn various breathing techniques, body awareness meditations, and hand positions.” (Quoted from the Introduction.)

It’s several years since my first introduction to Quantum Touch (QT), and interacting with the online community of people using the techniques was valuable and fun. Since then, I’ve continued to use the basic technique, but I’ve never managed to integrate it into my daily healing toolkit in the longer term! Perhaps Reiki and crystal healing (and ‘Tapping’) will always come first with me, but I believed QT deserved more of my attention.

So I thought a ‘refresher’ might remind me of some things I’ve forgotten, and motivate me to use QT more often.

The book is as clearly-written as I remembered, with easy-to-understand instructions and explanations, and some humorous and cute anecdotes (especially the ones recounting the experiences of working with animals!)

The basic QT technique definitely boosts my subtle energy vibration. I feel that as clearly as I sense Reiki and crystal frequencies, and anything my ‘standard’ five senses can detect.

However I’ve never easily been able to manage the faster breathing patterns. That’s ok, I can come back to them later. As long as I’m sweeping and breathing, I’m running energy – and that’s the most important thing. As the book says, QT ‘turbo-charges’ Reiki. And like Reiki, QT can also be used with massage, acupressure, chiropractic, and other therapies, as well as charging food, water, batteries, etc.

I also have the two books ‘Supercharging Quantum Touch’ and ‘Quantum Touch Core Transformation’ to read, which I’m looking forward to. I have dipped into the Supercharging one before, and really enjoyed working with The 12 Colours. Working with energy is always fascinating!

I recommend this book to you if you are interested in life-force healing (yourself and/or others), have an understanding of the power of intent (life will never be the same again once you do), and want practical techniques that you can use in-person or from a distance. Everyone can learn to do QT – children included.

A five-star rating from me because I believe the information in the book is valuable to me, and because it has been been shared in a clear and enjoyable way.

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Hope you enjoyed this post! Please let us know if you have!

If you’ve read this book and/or used Quantum Touch, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. 🙂

~ Joanna

Gone Away

shooting-star-nice-wallpaper-1600x1200.jpg (1600×1200)


Gone Away

Her leaving I saw
A movement in the corner of my eye
Her leaving I felt
A movement of air in a closed room

She has left us
Memory of a peaceful person as her
She has left us
Memory of the love she bore

We miss her
For the quiet strength she gave
We miss her
For the life she gave to others

Let’s celebrate
All that she has left us with
Let’s celebrate
All she will have in her earned better place


Words © Ron C. Dickerson
Image © DesktopWallpaper2