I love to write – creatively. And although I type our novels and short stories, I also love to write – the physical act of applying ink to paper!

This is the calligraphy kit I received for Christmas: 3 pens with nibs of different thicknesses; loads of different-coloured inks; and instructions on how to craft different calligraphic scripts!

There is a little scene in The Exile’s Blade where I indulge my love of pens and calligraphy – it might also have something to do with a selenite crystal – but I confess my talents are not nearly as neat and elegant as a certain Ascended Reikan’s…. 🙂 I definitely need more practice (but am also happy to be less than perfect, with room to grow!)

Have you ever tried calligraphy? Perhaps you are something of an expert! Maybe you simply enjoy seeing calligraphy in old tomes?


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