Natural Inspirations Series: Greeting The Sun

image for greeting the sun


Bright ribbons of orange-gold vein the morning sky as it breathes lightly over the quiet sea. The headland is almost dusky, a mythical island rising from the waters. The fiery streaks criss-cross like airplane contrails, yet no human hand has caused this; only the delicate brushstroke of nature, needing no further enhancement, no fake colour palette to add to its natural, authentic beauty. Rising above the cloud, the sun-tinted sky grows and shifts to its own music, its own rhythm.
And then … then the sun breaks free, peeking above the rim of cloud and flooding the sky with new light. Higher and higher the bright orb creeps until the day is awakened. The sky nudging the sea is flamed with a soft rose-hued apricot, a broad smudge of lavender . . . depthless aquamarine light resting above it. Shot through with pastel colour, the sky sighs as the blazing sphere of the sun takes over.

© Words Joanna Gawn. Image from Pixabay.


2 responses to “Natural Inspirations Series: Greeting The Sun

  1. Ah! Lovely. I love the color parade in the second paragraph.

    Liked by 1 person

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