Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Doug MacIlroy.

Hawaii clouds
Copyright D M MacIlroy

Joanna’s story ~ Daisy

Vast fluffy pillows of white rest beneath me. Above, I see no limits, no horizons. I’m free, unencumbered.

This must be what flying is like. I feel no pain now; just peaceful detachment.

I hear an echo – more like a memory – a voice calling my name. The sound is hollow, as though it doesn’t really exist. Or perhaps it’s me who no longer exists?

It’s so beautiful here, I think I’ll stay. Why go back?

Then I remember. Daisy. Love and hope warm me.

So. It is not my time yet. I return to my life.

“Hello, Daisy!”

[100 words]


Ron’s story ~ 24792: Arrival

I thought they said planet 24792 was water based – that’s the fluffiest water I have seen in all my 920 planetfalls. Hang on, what is that darker stuff over there? It is looming up very fast and has black hot fluffy stuff coming from the top. Better slow, and wake Captain Alt-Q.

‘Junior Officer Crtl-6 to Captain Alt-Q, please respond. You are needed in the control pod. —- Captain, please respond quickly! I am beyond my assigned knowledge level.’

‘Ctrl-Q, on my way; why was I not summoned sooner?’

‘It was all so pretty, Sir!’

[100 words]


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