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Recommended Read: Reiki for Life (Penelope Quest)

Reiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki PracticeReiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki Practice by Penelope Quest
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As far as energy-healing systems and techniques go, Reiki is my first love.

I decided to re-read this book on Reiki to see if I came across any fresh insights. Having done so, I am really happy to include the book in our Recommended Read blog series. 🙂

Starting with a definition of Reiki, Penelope Quest offers a detailed account of how this energy technique was discovered, and how Reiki as a holistic system became as popular and accessible as it is today. She also discusses the electromagnetic spectrum, vibration, and frequency, and explains that Reiki (Rei-Ki) is a specific band of Ki (life-force energy/prana/qi), which is why the ability to open to Reiki energy in particular is normally through an ‘attunement’ or an ‘empowerment’’.

There is a detailed and graphically-illustrated section on treating yourself and others with standard hand positions after Reiki First Degree. Later chapters offer a variety of ways to apply the Second and Third Degree symbols and energies. Quest makes it clear that Reiki works intelligently, and that it assists with improving balance, harmony and wellbeing on the spiritual and mental/emotional levels as well as the physical. Healing can be about so much more than relieving a cramped muscle or toothache – and indeed, it often is!

I particularly like the creative uses of the symbols, as I like to work with intent and to see what my imagination and intuition can come up with. Reiki is pure energy, and intent, as always, is the key! (No doubt you can see where a lot of the concepts integrated into The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light come from!)

As you’d expect (if you are familiar with healing work) there is also guidance on both self-healing and on working with others both in-person and remotely (“distance healing”). Additional suggestions are offered for self-cleansing. The importance of spiritual development is also highlighted.

This is a practical, informative, and useful guide for those learning to work with the Reiki energy and its techniques, including advice for readers who are setting up as practitioners. It’s one I shall refer to time and time again as my experience develops and my healing requirements change!


If you are Reiki, have you read and enjoyed this book? Do you think you might find it useful, if you haven’t already come across it?

And do you have other Reiki texts that you would like to recommend in the Comments?

(For my trio of free, crystal-based Reiki self-attunements, please visit the Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy page which is now featured in the Bonuses section of our website.)

~ Joanna


Our Lazuli Portals Blog: The Way Ahead…


Just a little heads up that from next week, we’ll be altering our regular blog post schedule from weekly to fortnightly.

This should mean that we’ll both have more time, and more physical and creative energy, to direct toward our published works: the short story books, the novels, and perhaps some competitions, too!

As it stands, we intend to continue sharing news as and when it occurs, particularly if it relates to new book releases, author appearances, interviews, events, or giveaways. There’s usually a time factor involved with those, so we’ll stay flexible. 😉

We’ll also continue to share our Recommended Reads, Bitesize Tales, micro-fiction and poems, and The Cordello Quest A-Z Series … just less frequently! We love writing, but are choosing to align with how things are, giving our creative selves space to breathe, rebalance, and recharge (well, in between Writers’ Circle meetings, and work and other responsibilities, anyway!)

We hope we’ll continue to offer you posts which inspire, uplift, entertain, and/or inform. We also like to hear from readers who enjoy what we write, so please feel free to Like the posts, and/or leave a Comment if you have something to say!

Next week’s post is entitled Crystals ROCK! so make sure you check that one out if you like how we weave crystals and their energies into The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light! 🙂

See you again soon,

Joanna & Ron | The Lazuli Portals


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E is for Enlightenment (The Cordello Quest A-Z Series)

ID-10031393The word ‘enlightenment’ will mean different things to different people. Each of us is unique, and so our individual life experience – our childhood and family life, our cultural norms, our filters of experience, and even our knowledge of 18th century history – will result in varied responses to the word.

In this post, I am choosing to use the word ‘enlightenment’ to mean an expansion of understanding, awareness, wisdom, and insight.


At the beginning of The Cordello Quest, Keira is a young woman with a degree of spiritual awareness and openness. She has recognised that the thoughts she focuses on are important, and that they affect her wellbeing.

She has read a few self-help books – and The Celestine Prophecy – and learned a little about herself. She has used affirmations as a way of improving her outlook, and not letting life’s challenges get her down. Keira is prone to worry and, as anyone who can’t switch off their ‘worry circuit’ knows, this can be tiring, draining, even plain irritating! She has tried meditation, and is doing the best she can to perceive the world in a way which leaves her feeling happier.

So Keira is open to change, to obtaining a deeper level of understanding, to gaining new and helpful insights about her life and her relationships. As she leaves Jason behind and is drawn into the parallel world of Cordello – and discovers her place in its legend – the people she meets there, the unexpected events which unfold around her, the insights she receives … they all contribute to her spiritual growth, to her ‘enlightenment’.

And of course there is one particular scene where ‘enlightenment’ becomes a very real, very blissful experience!

As Keira recognises and accepts the new insights, she uses them to strengthen her foundation, layer by layer. She still makes mistakes, because she is human, and no-one can be perfect. And a lifetime of thinking and acting in a certain way does not usually change overnight. Nor is progress usually a straight line!

But Keira is learning, she is growing, she is ‘enlightening’. As a result, perhaps she can offer the gift of spiritual awareness to others, and become an ‘enlightener’ herself …


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