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L is for Lovelight (Cordello Quest A-Z Series) and …. Happy Birthday, Lazuli Portals!

Despite the importance of lovelight in The Lazuli Portals trilogy, I’ve found it difficult to write about it for this blog post series – I don’t want to give away too much to potential readers who haven’t read the books yet! (Spoilers are something I really do prefer to avoid!)

Hopefully we’ve still done it justice. 🙂

In Cordello, lovelight is a precious energy: a beautiful synergy of the life force energy which is available to us all, and love – the feeling or approach or state which is accepting, compassionate, grateful, open, allowing, and supportive. It is a conscious collaboration of the highest and purest kind. No wonder lovelight in Cordello feels so magical!

As with anything deemed valuable, there are often others who wish to find a way to acquire it and twist it for their own ends. This is one of the key conflicts in The Cordello Quest, and the outcome could change everything for the peaceful country of Cordello.

Soon after Keira arrives there, Lord Charls explains that his country is under threat, and that boosting lovelight yet further may be vital in saving it.

“Keira, the Cordellan strength is in working together and in working with our positive energies. In creating lovelight, in spreading it to raise the energy of all others.

If we can raise it high enough, with sufficient focus and intention, it is possible that we can forestall any attack, and find a peaceful resolution. That is why you have come.”

Before she knows it, Keira finds herself in the quest to save lovelight. In the process, she discovers more wonders than she could ever have dreamed of…

During her time in Cordello, Keira also learns about lovelight globes, although making them is a skill she will need to practice. These globes are based on an energy tool I use called the Orb of Life (I received my original Orb, with instructions, from my Reiki Master).


I’ve since ‘made’ well over a hundred of these little spherical stores of universal energy – most for past clients, friends, and family – and use mine daily. They practically wrote themselves into our series! You can read more about Orbs of Life in the Bonus Section of our website.

As with Orbs of Life, making the lovelight globes in Cordello is one thing, but using them is something else altogether. Aligning clear intentions and purity of spirit with lovelight or life-force energy can be a pretty potent combination, especially if it’s for the benefit of the wider world! In the case of Cordello, working in this way is a major part of what life is all about!

Oh, and before we forget, today marks our partnership’s sixth ‘birthday’ (Ron says it feels much longer than that lol). So happy birthday, Lazuli Portals, and may you go from strength to strength, bringing even more insight, lovelight, and reading pleasure to your readers with each year that passes.

Please help yourself to a little slice of calorie-free virtual birthday cake. 🙂

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Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

~ fiction for the awakening ~


Crystals ROCK!

I’ve worked with crystals for several years now, in both a professional and personal capacity, and of course a number of crystals have appeared in The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light, Books I and II of our Lazuli Portals series.

Quartz cluster

So I thought you might like to read a bit more about them! This post is based on an article I wrote a few years back for my Winter Jasmine Reiki blog (now defunct as I have too much to do!)

Even if you haven’t worked with crystals in the form of tumblestones, pyramids, spheres, or clusters, you have probably come across precious gems enclosed within engagement rings. Or maybe you have some ruby, sapphire or emerald ear-rings, or possibly a bracelet containing garnets or amethyst. Gemstones have been mined and set in jewellery for centuries. They’re pretty to look at, after all! 🙂

So here’s a quick science bit! Wikipedia puts it succinctly: a crystal is “a solid material, whose constituent atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.” The majority of crystals were formed many thousands of years ago, usually a result of cooling and solidification of liquids.

One of the most popular crystal types is the quartz family – clear and other near-transparent quartz can have “inclusions”, which form when liquid, solid or gas (even ‘air’) become trapped when the crystal is ‘growing’; inclusions usually add to a crystal’s beauty and character. (Hint: inclusions are mentioned in Mosaic of Light.)

Clear Quartz image

Then there are the rose and smoky quartzes, with hues of pale pink or misty brown. Amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow) are also types of quartz. I guess I have a bit of a thing about quartzes, come to think of it! That’s why I created a series of free Quartz Crystal Reiki attunements.


Denser coloured stones are also very pretty; the tiger’s eye (usually brown with cream markings), sodalite (dark blue with white streaking), amazonite (a vivid green with white markings), aventurine (a solid, soft green), garnet (dark red) and carnelian (deep orange) are just a few in my collection.

Then there’s lapis lazuli … a rich blue with sparkles of iron pyrite: how could that not be a favourite, when we write The Lazuli Portals?! Our logo was created from a close-up image of Ron’s original lapis lazuli crystal. 🙂

Lapis Lazuli Header for logo with shadow

But have you considered the ‘energy’ contained within these tiny rocks? Crystals of all shapes and sizes have their own ‘subtle energy’.

The energy of each type of crystal is unique. People who are naturally (or trained to be) sensitive to subtle energies (such as Reiki) can often sense the crystal’s energy  frequency when held in the palm of the hand. Each crystal has a different ‘vibration’ to it, and these differences can be felt when handled. Crystals are often used as an adjunct to Reiki sessions, or can be used alone as a healing session in their own right.

As with all colours, crystals can be linked to the seven main chakras (subtle energy centres) in the body, which follow the colours of the rainbow from the bottom up. There are thousands of webpages talking about chakras so I don’t intend to add more about that here. 😉

One of my favourite crystals – and an important stone in Mosaic of Light – is Rose Quartz. Associated with love – of the self and of others – and with unconditional acceptance, it is a great gift for someone special.

Why not start with yourself?


Crystals can be programmed for specific functions, charged with Reiki, or simply used “as is”. You can use the stones either on or close to the body during meditation, or simply carry one or more of them with you. I sometimes sleep with one or two crystals under my pillow or on my bedside table.

There are also energy systems and empowerments that can be used to work with the stones. I use etheric crystal energies daily – and the Quartz Crystal Reiki systems, of course!

Some crystals need to be cleansed regularly (including using water, earth, or air, depending on their chemical make-up) so that their energies remain clear, as many absorb the vibrations from the healing session or environment, which can inhibit or cloud their own innate energy. As some crystals can be damaged by (even dissolve in) water, a crystal-keeper needs to know how each type of stone should best be cleansed.

Clear quartz, known also as the “master healer”, needs no such cleansing, and can be used to keep other crystals clear and energised. It is also helpful to keep clear quartz near your computer, as it absorbs the EMFs and any other negative energies that may be in your environment. This versatile stone becomes important to one of the characters in Mosaic of Light.

Some crystals may help lift your physical energy; some may be supportive of emotional harmony, or mental balance. Some are ‘grounding’, some assist meditation, some can prevent you from the negative energies of others (those people around whom you always feel drained!) They each have a different “skillset”, which is one of the reasons I like to have lots of them!


Some say that a crystal draws you to it, such that you’ll know which one is right for you. This is something that Keira discovers in Mosaic of Light. And now and then, one will “disappear” – it’s no longer needed, apparently … 😉


Do you have or use crystals for healing or support? Which ones are your favourites? Do you sense their subtle energies when you use or wear them? Crystals rock – let’s talk about them! 🙂

~ Joanna

See You: Joanna, Reiki and Ron

I See You

One of the themes for our second Writers’ Circle meeting in November 2012 was ‘See You’.

Well, as soon as I saw those words, I remembered the movie, Avatar – and the piece I wrote flowed from there. I was compelled to write about a recent experience of offering in-person Reiki to Ron, when he and his wife spent a few hours with my husband and me.

Not knowing how the other members of the Group would react to my ‘story’ was nerve-racking, and I was tempted not to read it! But I had to follow my instincts, needed to share my authentic self on this small, public stage. Below, I share the words with you as I did with them.
After all my concerns, I discovered that the Group contains another healer, who said I had put into words what she had never been able to. Several members were interested in finding out more about Reiki! Others said they loved my account because it helped them understand Reiki more clearly – they had heard of it, but had never been told about it in a way they could understand or feel part of. I was astounded by the positive feedback and warmth I received! The risk had been worth it. 🙂
Anyone who has read The Cordello Quest will no doubt recognise the similarity between my Reiki sensing, and the sensations Keira experiences when accessing lovelight. A writer’s experience is never wasted. 😉


With a light touch, my fingers come to rest upon your shoulders. I notice the hatched weave of your cotton shirt, the warmth of your skin radiating from beneath.

I close my eyes.

My breathing slows as I switch on my connection to the Reiki energy. The air above my crown seems to stretch and open, the Reiki pouring in as though through a funnel. I feel its weight as it settles there, its presence as tangible as any hat. It is comforting, familiar, my reassurance that the connection is open.

The energy sinks lower, into the aura which surrounds my physical body. The skin on my face warms, and tingles softly, then my upper body accepts the energy. Within seconds of making the connection, my body is suffused with a pleasant light buzzing sensation, a bloom of warmth so that I feel like I’m glowing inside.

I feel the tingling warmth flow from my hands into your shoulders. I’m barely touching you, yet the strength of sensation is staggering. Like water running through a hose, the energy pours through me, pulled inwards by your own aura. There is an intermittent pulsing as you draw more Reiki through me, increasing the energy flow and heating my hands still further. “Relax,” I think, and a heartfelt soft sigh escapes you.

I am deeply peaceful, only vaguely aware of sound, touch, scent, and the gentle power pulsing through me. I am a conduit, a connector; my mind is soft and allowing and open, and thought is stilled. As my hands move and scan within your energy field, I find a hot, prickly area. I focus there, an image of knotted spheres appearing in my inner vision. I hold my heated palm there until the spiky feeling softens and dissolves, then both hands move intuitively as I chase the pain from one area to the next, from elbow to forearm.

Now, one hand resting lightly upon your wrist, the other close to your fingertips, it feels as though a wash of cool air is breathed across my open palm. You feel the change in the air too, and remark upon it. The breeze continues, cool and refreshing. The pain is shifting, reducing, clearing.

Geometric patterns have been flickering like Catherine Wheels behind my eyelids – energy made visible; I knew better than to focus on them lest they disappear. They spin and twirl, delicate filigrees of light. The outside world remains soft and blurred; all I am is this moment of flow. All I am is sensing and guiding and clearing. All I am is energy.

There is no me; no you; no them. There is no separation. There is only awareness of this energy and this connection.

“I see you,” I think, remembering the phrase from the Avatar movie.

In time, the flow of energy slows to a trickle, then stops, and I return to the world of the five senses. I am slightly dazed, as though waking after a deep sleep. My hands feel heavily fuzzy; they need cleansing, washing with cool water. You have taken the healing you needed, and your pain has gone. It’s time for a cup of tea!

Copyright 2012 Joanna Gawn

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net