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Recommended Read: The Copper Promise (Copper Cat #1) and a Personal Update

I hope you enjoy this Recommendation! For those of you kind enough to wonder how I’m doing, I’ve added a personal update at the end of this post.

Thank you for your concern and support!

The Copper Promise (The Copper Cat, #1)The Copper Promise by Jen Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description from Amazon

A trio of reckless adventurers unleash a terrible danger in this thrilling, high-fantasy romp.

There are some far-fetched rumours about the caverns beneath the Citadel: some say the mages left their most dangerous secrets hidden there; others, that great riches are hidden there; even that gods have been imprisoned in its darkest depths.

For Lord Frith, the caverns hold the key to his vengeance. Against all the odds, he has survived torture and lived to see his home and his family taken from him … and now someone is going to pay.

For Wydrin of Crosshaven and her faithful companion, Sir Sebastian Carverson, a quest to the Citadel looks like just another job. There’s the promise of gold and adventure. Who knows, they might even have a decent tale or two once they’re done.

But sometimes there is truth in rumour. Sometimes it pays to listen. Soon this reckless trio will become the last line of defence against a hungry, restless terror that wants to tear the world apart. And they’re not even getting paid.

What I thought of it

I consumed the last 200 pages of The Copper Promise as though they might go up in dragonflame at any instant…

And after following sassy Wydrin, the princeling, and the knight through their escapades, who’s to say that might not happen!

There were SO many things to enjoy in the start to this series, but I hate spoilers, so I don’t want to get entangled in specifics.

Quite simply, The Copper Promise is a magical book, one I found totally absorbing, and pure joy to read. From a writer’s standpoint, I’m guessing writing the book was a hell of a ride, too!

I’ve since read The Iron Ghost, the second in the series, and that was just as good! The trilogy ends with The Silver Tide, which awaits me on my Kindle.

Have you read any of the Copper Cat series, and did you enjoy it? 🙂

Personal Update

My recovery continues in fits and starts. Following a welcome short break in Cornwall with my husband earlier this month, I finally succumbed to the virus going round – with its attendant, disruptive cough – so that’s really not helped the spoonie situation all that much!! 😛

As a result, our third novel progresses more slowly than a dozy snail, but I’m trying to keep in touch with it and add a few paragraphs whenever I can. Since my previous update in early February, I’ve written chapter 27 and started chapter 28, which has tipped the word count past 67,300 words. Yippee! 😀

Hopefully I’m not making too much of a hash of it as I progress! Being a pantser (figuring things out as I go, for the most part) only time, Ron’s continued, valued input, and lots of editing will tell! 😉

Occasionally I craft something short to read at Writers’ Circle. I missed the last meeting – a workshop – as I didn’t want to pass on the virus to other members of the group, particularly those in their 70’s and 80’s! I’m hoping to make it to next Monday’s meeting. 🙂

So that’s where I am right now – hanging in there, making the best of things, and hopefully getting the right balance between rest and activity (mental/creative, as well as physical!) so that I can get stronger and feel better! (Fingers crossed!)

I’m learning to hold less resistance – there are so many things I would like to start, progress, complete, that I don’t currently have the energy for, and in the past I’ve been very frustrated by that. But I’m getting better at giving my body the rest it demands: going with the flow, and with accepting and allowing how things are – thank you Lord Charls of Cordello for the reminder!

With lovelight blessings,

Joanna ~*~


B is for Battle

Crystal Man with Sword

This post is the second in an A-Z series linked with the first novel in our series: The Cordello Quest.  Please Like, Share or Comment if you enjoy the post, so that we know to write the next letter in the series!

(Did you miss A is for Ascended Reikan? Read the first in our A-Z series here.)


A battle is not always a physical exchange of power, not always with sword hefted and lance raised. Battle is not always about brute force or carnage or bloodsoaked ground.

Sometimes battle is between minds . . . or even within mind: between thoughts which encourage and lift and inspire, and thoughts which drain and upset and block.

Some battles are simply the fight for acceptance over resistance: knowing when things can’t (or even shouldn’t) change and being honestly okay with it. Winning that little skirmish, and trusting that the way things are is okay (at least for the moment), can make life’s challenges much easier to overcome.

Most of us have this war of words and emotions as we do our best to live this human existence! (If you don’t, congratulations!)

In The Cordello Quest, there are many inner and outer battles, some physical, some mental or emotional. They’re every bit as important – perhaps even more so – than the outer battles waged and won (or lost). Mastery of ourselves is a lifelong pursuit!

Perhaps the key ‘battle’ scene in The Cordello Quest takes place in the town square of neighbouring country, Vornen. In the battle for light, the momentum is on the cusp of shifting from sword and soldier to one of mind and natural magic – if only the key characters will listen and act upon the wisdom arising from the quiet, still voice of intuition…

Oh, this series of posts is difficult to write without spoilers! 🙂 We hope you’ve enjoyed ‘B is for Battle’ – please let us know! Please share it if you enjoyed it. 🙂

What is your biggest – or hardest – ‘battle’? Is it an inner one – or an outer one?

~ Joanna & Ron

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