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How To Get The Most Out Of The Lazuli Portals!

Hint: We’re about more than simply writing and publishing our stories!

So we thought we’d compile a post to weave together all the colourful strands of our design so that you can get a better idea of the broader picture! (Maybe there’s something here that you’ll discover for the first time!)

While ‘The Lazuli Portals’ is our partnership and business name, the words also represent the trilogy of novels that we’ve been writing: books about spiritual awakening, featuring stone circles, crystals, parallel worlds, synchronicities, and life-force energy. When it comes to writing, this is our first ‘calling’, and where our writing journey began.

You can find out more about our books here.

You can find out more about us, and how we teamed up, here.

If you are particulary interested in soul connections, then we have our interview with Soulmate Experience here.

Aligned with following that calling, we also offer some ‘bonuses’ on our website, little extras that Joanna created when she was running her Winter Jasmine Reiki business. Now that she’s focusing solely on writing, all those freebies have been incorporated into The Lazuli Portals website.


There are

:: free Reiki self-attunements (Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz)

:: images infused with life-force energy (to give you a boost)

:: beautiful images featuring quotes from the books

:: information about orbs of life (similar to the lovelight orbs we mention in the novels) and

:: information about hand mudras and a free little ‘taster’ of the Gyan mudra energy

(and more!)

Also linking with the Lazuli Portals trilogy of novels are our Cordello Quest A-Z blog posts relating to concepts, ideas, and characters within the trilogy. So if you’re a fan of the novels, and like to explore ‘around’ the books that you read, you might enjoy those! So far we’ve written for the letters A-K, beginning with A is for Ascended Reikan, and ending with K is for Kaleidoscope. L is for Lovelight will be coming soon!

Much as we enjoy writing about life-force energy, spiritual growth, and crystals, we are sometimes tempted in other directions, such as paranormal suspense; we also write flash fiction, poetry and haiku. If that’s up your street then you’ll find lots of micro-fiction and poetry on our blog.

In addition, our little ebook  Crystal, Fire and Water is free for Amazon Kindle and also available through Smashwords for other ereader software.

Crystal, Fire & Water bold 1600

If you enjoy short stories, then our collections The House of the Stormwind and other short stories and Dark Perfume: Tales of Light and Shadow are also available.

DP Prism extract with date

For those of you who are fans of YouTube, then we do have our own channel, which usually gets updated when we launch a new book. Our clips include readings from our stories, and also an interview.


If you enjoy book reviews, then take a look at our Recommended Read blog posts, some of which relate to fiction, others non-fiction. We may be expanding this series in the future to include guided meditation tracks and healing resources – and possibly colouring books for grown-ups! We don’t receive any financial recompense for any of the books or products we review: they’re simply shared because we want to.

Reiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki Practice        The Winter Ghosts    Marchwood Vampire Series, Book 2    Earth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other Side

What about if you want to get in touch with us? Well, obviously you can leave a comment on any of our blog posts – but we’re also on Facebook and Twitter, sharing items we think will uplift, interest, or amuse. Or you can contact us privately through the contact forms on our website or blog, or reply to us when we send you a Newsletter (you can sign up for that here).

If you’re local to Devon/Cornwall, maybe you’ll see us with a stall at a mind-body-spirit fair! We’re happy to sign our books for readers buying from us in-person. 🙂


Ron at Harewood House, waiting for opening time!

Joanna on Day One

Joanna on Day One at Crocadon Sawmill MBS Fair

Phew – putting all that together makes us realise what a lot we’ve achieved over the last few years! Are there any in the list that you didn’t know about – and are now glad that you did?!

We hope at least some of what we’ve shared with you above will be useful to you. If you have friends or family who’d enjoy our ‘offerings’, please do let them know about us! We’re independent authors, so every positive share or recommendation is valuable to us!

Many thanks for reading!

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals


The Lazuli Portals will be at Saltash and Harewood House Mind-Body-Spirit Fairs

Hello everyone,

Just a quick post about two Mind Body Spirit fairs that Ron and I will have stalls at this month and next. 🙂

The first is at Saltash, Cornwall, this Saturday:


And the second is back at Harewood House, Plympton on Saturday 3 December:


If you’re in the area and are interested in crystals, spirituality, lifeforce energy/Reiki, and/or our novels (which combine all of these!) then why not pop in and come and say hello? 🙂

We personally sign all books that we sell at the fairs, and we may be able to parcel your books in one of our special wax-sealed bags, too. 🙂

Even if you’re not local, we’d really appreciate you sharing this post, if you’re happy to, just in case you have friends or family who are! Thank you!!

With lovelight blessings,

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals



Recommended Read: Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and VitalityEnergy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality by Donna Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description from Amazon

A women’s guide to using energy medicine to promote and maintain optimal physical and mental well-being.

For more than three decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and to reclaim their natural healing capabilities. In this long-awaited new book, Eden speaks directly to women, showing them how they can work with energy to tackle the specific health challenges they face.

Hormonal health is essential to a woman’s well-being, and in this groundbreaking book Eden reveals that a woman can manage her hormones by managing her energies. In fact, energy medicine is effective in treating a host of health issues. From PMS to menopause, from high blood pressure to depression, it offers solutions to women’s health issues that traditional medicine often fails to provide.

In Energy Medicine for Women, Eden shows women how they can work with energy to strengthen their immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems to promote health, vitality, and inner peace. Blending a compassionate voice with a profound grasp of how the female body functions as an energy system, Eden presents what is sure to become a classic book on the subject of women’s health.

Energy Medicine for Women was awarded the prestigious 2009 Nautilus Gold Award in the Health, Healing & Energy Medicine category.

What I thought of it

A superb book, one which is both informative and empowering.

Through sharing stories and insights from her vast experience of working with subtle energies, Donna Eden ably demonstrates why she is perfectly (perhaps uniquely) qualified to write this particular book.

The authors offer a wide selection of tools for shifting the body’s energies in order to naturally and safely enhance health, wellbeing, and vitality. All of the techniques have been developed so that anyone can apply them, even if they don’t feel or see subtle energy themselves. The text includes detailed instructions interspersed with plenty of photographic illustrations.

There are tools for helping with period pain, issues during pregnancy, infertility, menopause, and weight management, and a helpful chapter offering guidance on energy testing.

Because Donna has experienced severe difficulties with her own cycles and hormones, she knows PMS ‘inside out’, too! Hence there are a number of techniques included here for relieving stress, as well as for balancing specific meridians which might be keeping the energy system (and hence body, mind, and spirit) in a state of stress and ill health.

As a Reiki Master, and someone familiar with EFT/tapping, acupressure, qi gong, and pranic healing, Donna’s words – and the tools she shares here – make sense to me, and resonate at a very deep, intuitive level.

The book is a practical guide, so of course an improvement in a reader’s energetic balance and wellbeing could only occur if the tools are used regularly. But like Reiki and EFT, they cost nothing but time and a little effort to implement, and are available 24/7, so for me it’s definitely worth the investment.

This review has been written following my second reading of the book in April 2016. I hope you’ve found it interesting! Why not leave a comment to let us know? 🙂

~ Joanna

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Joanna and Ron at the Crocadon Sawmill Mind-Body-Spirit Fair

What happens when a duo of metaphysical and visionary fiction authors has a stall at a busy two-day mind-body-spirit fair in Cornwall…?

A gathering place where tables almost groan under the weight of their crystals, where people are talking about and working with Reiki and vibrational- and sound-healing … and where a lovely lady wearing fairy wings is creating huge soap bubbles out in the sun for the kids (their parents also seemed to be having a lot of fun, it has to be said!)

Joanna on Day One

Joanna waiting for Opening on Day One

Well, what happens is that those two authors have a lot of fun, and meet many people interested in spirituality, synchronicity, The Celestine Prophecy, crystals, and their Lazuli Portals novels…. the sort of place where our books feel right at home! (Yay!)

We're ready!

Day Two: we’re ready!

The Crocadon Sawmill MBS Fair was organised by Elaine Drake of AromAware, and we were lucky enough to be offered a wide table in one of the three large barns. This worked out well for us, as we made some lovely new friends, met lots of potential readers, and were entertained by a little girl who seemingly had a limitless supply of giggles and joy. 🙂

2016-06-12 10.31.38

Birds on tour 🙂

Although we had some rain showers, they didn’t seem to deter the visitors. As well as the varied selection of stalls (jewellery and crafts as well as crystals, suncatchers, holistic therapies, and visionary art) we were also able to enjoy the healing sounds of steel tongue drum music (mesmerising), didgeridoo (soothing), and acoustic guitar. There were birds of prey, too – the owls on Day Two were precious! There was also a programme of talks and workshops, so there was a lot going on!

Ian David and his mystical art

Ian David and his mystical art

Linda Perry and her vibrational essences

Linda Perry and her vibrational essences

2016-06-12 11.50.35

Cornish Crystal Cavern – which crystals d’you fancy?!

2016-06-12 09.36.35

Woodland Fairy Tale

A fair few copies of The Cordello Quest, Mosaic of Light, and our short story ‘duobook’ The House of the Stormwind/Crystal, Fire and Water also now have new homes. (Such a lovely feeling when someone says, “I’ll take one of each!”) We hope they will be greatly enjoyed, and treasured for years to come. We certainly had a good time talking with our new readers! 🙂

Once again my little opalite tumblestone captured people’s interest, as did our colourful banners and the piles of the books themselves. 🙂

Ron 'modelling' our banners on Day Two!

Ron ‘modelling’ our banners on Day Two!

I could have spent a great deal of money at this fair at Crocadon: on bigger crystals (I restricted myself to a few tumblestones, two of which are being written about in Lazuli Portals novel #3); on more of Ian David’s visionary and mystical art (yes, I bought another print, and several notelets!) I could have been tempted with one of the steel tongue drums, too!

Cornish Crystal Cavern

Cornish Crystal Cavern

Our next ‘author appearance’ will be at the Summer MBS fair at the Elm Community Centre in Plymouth on 13 August – please see our previous announcement for further details.

If you’ve been to mind-body-spirit fairs before, did you have a favourite stall or activity? 🙂

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Website and Facebook Pages for some of the stallholders

Cornish Crystal Cavern
Web: www.cornishcrystalcavern.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cornishcrystalcavern

Natural Magick Holistic Health and Wellbeing (Linda Perry) Web: www.naturalmagick.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturalmagick

Woodland Fairy Tale
Web: www.woodlandfairytale.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/woodlandfairytale

Ian David 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011208467423


Reiki, Crystals, and Synchronicities: Our first Mind-Body-Spirit (MBS) Fair!

Last Saturday, on St Piran’s Day, Ron and I attended our first MBS fair … as stallholders!

A new experience, and one we’ve learned a lot from!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to organise any sort of ‘public appearance’ by The Lazuli Portals. And not having presented at any sort of combined event before, we weren’t really sure what to expect!

As it turned out, it was a very positive and rewarding experience.

We had our stall in one of the smaller, upstairs rooms of the building in which the fair was being held. This is me, waiting for opening, with no clue Ron had me in shot (argh!)

Copy of woolwelbsmfair

and a couple of pics of the rest of the room, with jewellery and woodwork comfortable companions with artwork, crafts, and accessories. (Apologies for the poor image quality).

2016-03-05 11.48.50 2016-03-05 11.49.01

Once people were through the doors, we were really too busy to take pictures!

I’d energetically cleared our space ahead of time, and all our flyers, handouts, bookmarks, crystal display, and books were freshly cleared and infused with lovelight or Reiki, so as to make our little corner as energetically pure, light, and inviting as possible. We knew that people who’d resonate with our energy and what we had on our stall would find us, without us having to be too ‘salesy’.

Clear Quartz image

It was wonderful to see and talk with people interested in Reiki, crystals, healing, angels, and the metaphysical, as it was so easy to communicate and discuss our ideas, our passion for our work and its topics and themes, and being interested in spirituality generally. There’s just an immediate connection between ‘you and them’ that I think transcends other ‘interests’. I think the novels and duobooks that we sold have found good homes, where they’ll be enjoyed and well cared for!

It was also affirming for us both, as authors of visionary fiction, to meet in real life people who get what we’re about, and understand the awakening process and its importance right now.

Several people said that the opalite caught their attention from the far side of the room, so they came over to see more. One lady took a liking to my lapis lazuli crystal chip bracelet and was disappointed it wasn’t for sale!

Ron’s Cornish kilt (how could he not wear it on Cornwall’s national day!) was an icebreaker now and then, too! (Sorry, I never thought to take a photo!)

One stallholder in our room had a lovely display of her jewellery, including a long necklace of pure emerald chips, fashioned with a copper clasp and findings.

2016-03-05 16.25.45

More info: Anne-Marie Cole,  WireWitchJunky (Facebook page)

Knowing we were ‘surrounded’ by people on a similar wavelength, it was inevitable that we’d take some time to browse the stalls in the main hall downstairs. It was packed! Some stallholders offered shiatsu or reiki, others oracle card readings or CDs. As for the crystal displays … I’m still not sure how I didn’t give into temptation – especially as I saw some gorgeous opalite and amethyst specimens. (As you can imagine, the energy in the building was great!)

There were a couple of things which were irresistible, though. I was wandering around the main hall and suddenly stopped in my tracks because I’d seen some art prints which literally left me speechless (apart from a rather unimaginative, “WOW!”)

The light coming from the artwork was incredible. I chatted with the artist, Ian David, about his process, and his artistic journey with photographic alchemy, and found myself unable to leave the fair without buying a few of his prints (they’re more arresting in real life; I can’t really do them justice here):



Stone circle on Bodmin Moor – how could I not bring it home with me!!!! It’s like I’m ‘seeing’ the start of The Cordello Quest! 😉



Ian’s leaflet says that he ‘’explores the uncharted worlds of ethereal, mystical and spiritual dimensions … my alchemy in action”.

No wonder his work resonated with me – in his art he finds the same magic and awe that I do while writing the Lazuli Portals novels. 😀

If you’re interested in Ian’s art, you can see (and buy) it on his etsy website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/IanDavidArt or visit his Facebook page.

So all in all, a really great day, with loads to celebrate, think about, and consolidate as we move forward. One of the things that really hit home with me is how essential it is that, for our paperback sales, we are present with the books so that we can connect with our potential readers. As authors writing in the metaphysical and visionary fiction genre, and as healers, we need to share our energy and our passion for both our work and for the greater context in which it rests.

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

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Recommended Read: Reiki for Life (Penelope Quest)

Reiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki PracticeReiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki Practice by Penelope Quest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As far as energy-healing systems and techniques go, Reiki is my first love.

I decided to re-read this book on Reiki to see if I came across any fresh insights. Having done so, I am really happy to include the book in our Recommended Read blog series. 🙂

Starting with a definition of Reiki, Penelope Quest offers a detailed account of how this energy technique was discovered, and how Reiki as a holistic system became as popular and accessible as it is today. She also discusses the electromagnetic spectrum, vibration, and frequency, and explains that Reiki (Rei-Ki) is a specific band of Ki (life-force energy/prana/qi), which is why the ability to open to Reiki energy in particular is normally through an ‘attunement’ or an ‘empowerment’’.

There is a detailed and graphically-illustrated section on treating yourself and others with standard hand positions after Reiki First Degree. Later chapters offer a variety of ways to apply the Second and Third Degree symbols and energies. Quest makes it clear that Reiki works intelligently, and that it assists with improving balance, harmony and wellbeing on the spiritual and mental/emotional levels as well as the physical. Healing can be about so much more than relieving a cramped muscle or toothache – and indeed, it often is!

I particularly like the creative uses of the symbols, as I like to work with intent and to see what my imagination and intuition can come up with. Reiki is pure energy, and intent, as always, is the key! (No doubt you can see where a lot of the concepts integrated into The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light come from!)

As you’d expect (if you are familiar with healing work) there is also guidance on both self-healing and on working with others both in-person and remotely (“distance healing”). Additional suggestions are offered for self-cleansing. The importance of spiritual development is also highlighted.

This is a practical, informative, and useful guide for those learning to work with the Reiki energy and its techniques, including advice for readers who are setting up as practitioners. It’s one I shall refer to time and time again as my experience develops and my healing requirements change!


If you are Reiki, have you read and enjoyed this book? Do you think you might find it useful, if you haven’t already come across it?

And do you have other Reiki texts that you would like to recommend in the Comments?

(For my trio of free, crystal-based Reiki self-attunements, please visit the Quartz Crystal Reiki Trilogy page which is now featured in the Bonuses section of our website.)

~ Joanna

Of Ghosts and Moonlight, and Shadows in Time: Five Excerpts from Dark Perfume

We’re back with some more excerpts from ‘DARK PERFUME: Tales of Light and Shadow’ – yay! We hope you enjoyed the snippets that we shared last time. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

First up we have ‘Forget Me Not’:

Extract from Forget Me Not

In my garden, the pretty little forget-me-not flowers grow like weeds. They are innocent and pure (if a little keen on self-propagation). However, when I saw ‘Forget Me Not’ as a Writers’ Circle story prompt, I saw the words as a sinister warning, and the story grew from there …

The next excerpt is taken from a story of 3000 words, ‘Shadows in Time’. 

DP Shadows in Time extract with date

It was originally written for a competition, the brief being to write a ghost story which evoked all the scary, spine-tingling feelings such stories are meant to elicit … and so Maria’s story was born.

Continuing the spooky theme, our next excerpt is from ‘Of Ghosts and Moonlight’.

Extract from Of Ghosts and Moonlight

This began as a tale about a derelict house, written for a Writers’ Circle meeting. It needed a lot of rewriting to make the story ‘work’, but we’re pleased with the end result. We hope you are, too!

Finally, we have two ‘author readings’ – short extracts that Joanna has read and then transformed into YouTube videos.

‘The Legend of Marina Cove’ was written for local paper, The Torbay Times. The cove featured in this tale of romance and transformation is loosely based on Fairy Cove, in Torbay. Listen to this excerpt here.

‘Lonely Places’, on the other hand, celebrates the majestic moorland and the people who are in tune with Nature, who need the open spaces and the natural rhythms of the land to feel ‘right’. Listen to a little of Jake’s story here.

A quick reminder about our Facebook Release Day Event, with optional clear quartz crystal energy session for those who like working with light, crystals, Reiki, and other subtle energies. Click or tap here to read about and/or Join the Event.

If you’d like to pre-order DARK PERFUME now, so that Amazon sends your copy directly to your Kindle (or Kindle app) on 30 September, please follow the appropriate link from those listed below.

Pre-Order from Amazon UK
Pre-Order from Amazon US
Pre-Order from Amazon CAN
Pre-Order from Amazon AUS

See you on Launch Day!

Joanna & Ron | The Lazuli Portals