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How To Get The Most Out Of The Lazuli Portals!

Hint: We’re about more than simply writing and publishing our stories!

So we thought we’d compile a post to weave together all the colourful strands of our design so that you can get a better idea of the broader picture! (Maybe there’s something here that you’ll discover for the first time!)

While ‘The Lazuli Portals’ is our partnership and business name, the words also represent the trilogy of novels that we’ve been writing: books about spiritual awakening, featuring stone circles, crystals, parallel worlds, synchronicities, and life-force energy. When it comes to writing, this is our first ‘calling’, and where our writing journey began.

You can find out more about our books here.

You can find out more about us, and how we teamed up, here.

If you are particulary interested in soul connections, then we have our interview with Soulmate Experience here.

Aligned with following that calling, we also offer some ‘bonuses’ on our website, little extras that Joanna created when she was running her Winter Jasmine Reiki business. Now that she’s focusing solely on writing, all those freebies have been incorporated into The Lazuli Portals website.


There are

:: free Reiki self-attunements (Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz)

:: images infused with life-force energy (to give you a boost)

:: beautiful images featuring quotes from the books

:: information about orbs of life (similar to the lovelight orbs we mention in the novels) and

:: information about hand mudras and a free little ‘taster’ of the Gyan mudra energy

(and more!)

Also linking with the Lazuli Portals trilogy of novels are our Cordello Quest A-Z blog posts relating to concepts, ideas, and characters within the trilogy. So if you’re a fan of the novels, and like to explore ‘around’ the books that you read, you might enjoy those! So far we’ve written for the letters A-K, beginning with A is for Ascended Reikan, and ending with K is for Kaleidoscope. L is for Lovelight will be coming soon!

Much as we enjoy writing about life-force energy, spiritual growth, and crystals, we are sometimes tempted in other directions, such as paranormal suspense; we also write flash fiction, poetry and haiku. If that’s up your street then you’ll find lots of micro-fiction and poetry on our blog.

In addition, our little ebook  Crystal, Fire and Water is free for Amazon Kindle and also available through Smashwords for other ereader software.

Crystal, Fire & Water bold 1600

If you enjoy short stories, then our collections The House of the Stormwind and other short stories and Dark Perfume: Tales of Light and Shadow are also available.

DP Prism extract with date

For those of you who are fans of YouTube, then we do have our own channel, which usually gets updated when we launch a new book. Our clips include readings from our stories, and also an interview.


If you enjoy book reviews, then take a look at our Recommended Read blog posts, some of which relate to fiction, others non-fiction. We may be expanding this series in the future to include guided meditation tracks and healing resources – and possibly colouring books for grown-ups! We don’t receive any financial recompense for any of the books or products we review: they’re simply shared because we want to.

Reiki for Life: A Complete Guide to Reiki Practice        The Winter Ghosts    Marchwood Vampire Series, Book 2    Earth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other Side

What about if you want to get in touch with us? Well, obviously you can leave a comment on any of our blog posts – but we’re also on Facebook and Twitter, sharing items we think will uplift, interest, or amuse. Or you can contact us privately through the contact forms on our website or blog, or reply to us when we send you a Newsletter (you can sign up for that here).

If you’re local to Devon/Cornwall, maybe you’ll see us with a stall at a mind-body-spirit fair! We’re happy to sign our books for readers buying from us in-person. 🙂


Ron at Harewood House, waiting for opening time!

Joanna on Day One

Joanna on Day One at Crocadon Sawmill MBS Fair

Phew – putting all that together makes us realise what a lot we’ve achieved over the last few years! Are there any in the list that you didn’t know about – and are now glad that you did?!

We hope at least some of what we’ve shared with you above will be useful to you. If you have friends or family who’d enjoy our ‘offerings’, please do let them know about us! We’re independent authors, so every positive share or recommendation is valuable to us!

Many thanks for reading!

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals


The Rudolph Promise + Festive Fun Frolics: Two poems for December!

As is traditional for us at this time of year, we are sharing with you a couple of short pieces – both poems, this time – of a ‘seasonal nature’. We hope you like them! They’re just a bit of fun, not meant to be taken too seriously!













My Rudolph jumper (made by Mum) is splitting at the seams!

I’ve been trying to ignore it – but I do know what this means:

Too many mince pies eaten (and some custard creams)

I’m even seeing Christmas cake dancing in my dreams!


So once this week is over, I shall have to make amends.

A diet will be needed, or this gift from Mum will rend!

It’s just so very difficult when all my lovely friends

agree that on those sweeter foods our happiness depends!


But this cannot go on – there’s no way I can deny

that my clothes are getting tighter, and more I’ll need to buy.

So to save my pennies and my health, I will resist that pie,

even though I’m leaving now to have a little cry…










Festive fun frequents

Frightfully funny fellows.

Faces fixed focus

Fone fingers flicking.

Fretting following failure

Form further features.

Formulating future facts,

Forever feeling fortunate.

Fabulous famous followers,

Feathers fluttering frantically,

Frolic furtively forlorn.

Falsely farming favour.

Fostering frugal fondles.

Fruitful foreplay fragments,

Flounders foundation fidgets,

Fighting fiddly fidelity.

Flags flakey fingers,

Freezing Friday fortunes.

Fateful fake familiarity

Finally feelings freefall.

We both very much hope that you have a wonderful Yuletide and hugely enjoy any celebrations you are part of. We both celebrate Christmas so will be taking some time off with our families – and to recharge our creative batteries. But we’ll be back in early January. Have a magical New Year!

With lovelight blessings,
Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals


(1) The Faceless Door and (2) Masks and Barriers: Haiku


The Faceless Door

What hides behind you?
Secrets and lies, hopes and dreams?
Your story untold


Masks and Barriers

Step inside, softly
Find my reason, search my soul
Accept the real me

Words © Joanna Gawn, inspired by image by bigjom via www.freedigitalphotos.net

John Casey: Poetry


John Casey

John feels for the grain, nature giving again
Forms start to shape with each stroke of the hand
Blade’s edge scores even deeper
Mind pauses as it opens to more
Allowing the flow from so deep within

For long it had stood piled, waiting in yard
Curing and drying of sap; waiting its time
Yet formed in the wild and growing so free
Cruelly culled, stripped then stolen away
Transported from home like many before

Cutting deeper, where no one has seen
New ideas flow as hands pare the wood
This is more than bough with layers of growth
It is years of ordeal, a life that has been
Intimacy John feels is beyond what is now

Sitting birds, nests of life
Tweets, hoots, howls of wild
Gnawings, scrapings, chewings
Sweethearts bonding
Leaving marks of their love

Water fell through foliage
Drawn up to the light
Others fell, failed or floundered
Own seeds formed and dispersed
Leaves renewed by the season.

Sharing gives up a truth, feeling the years
Grasping what’s been shapes a new style
Eyes closed to his hands John carves from his soul
Wood freely gives all as with reason now found
Touching the past and feeling lost days

Friends all around branching, growing to sky
Leaves touch yet space won and need to fill
But slowly they went, hacked down in their prime
Dragged naked away, cut, sliced into stacks
Not treasured but used, commodity for sale

Now together they search to reach an accord
Fulfilled now wood gives sharing brings bliss
Creating newfound forms, taking, giving as one
A new future endowed John Casey’s new friend
Man’s hands with wood purpose from past life
Feel joy from discovery; discover gifts from the joy


© Ron Dickerson

Image from scottchan/freedigitalphotos.net

Creative Fiction Duet: Moondreams



Ron’s ~

When the dreams reach to the highest and your eyes see no more
When your hands reach for something which you know is beyond
When your body just needs more touch with no satisfaction found
When your soul aches for something yet can find no solace

I will be there, waiting

© Ron Dickerson


Joanna’s ~

Reaching for you across
the expanse of darkness
feels like the first steps in
a new dance; a step toward,
the briefest touch; a glance,
before drawing away.

I sense you there. Do you sleep?
Are your mind and spirit searching
along shadowed paths?
Do my dreams belong in yours?
Or are your dreams held,
so gently, so sweetly,
within mine?

Are you illusion? Or are we together
in silent, softened reality?

I am here, waiting.

© Joanna Gawn


Image used with permission from njaj / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

White Horses ~ a poem by Ron

Pic fo white horses poem


Sandprints mirror feet, entwined in romance

Whose movements reflect our own deep desires

I sit on the rocks, alone and in dread

As white horses swell in, washing memories away


We danced in the moon, barefoot on the beach

Held hands till the sun scoured moonshadows away

And now it is dark, just starlight on tears

The footprints now gone, and so are my dreams


Our time filled with joy, together and whole

Minds melt into one as waves meet the shore

It took you away, away from my care

This sea of desire, now cold, dark and bare


Those days that we had, so precious to me

What word can express the gifts you endowed

Now the drain on my soul,  like the pull of the tide

Clears the beach of our dreams, flushing hope far away


The longed for return, from over the sea

Back to my arms, stretched out from the shore

My body so misses, heart longs the return

White horses that stole, carry love back to me


Words © Ron C. Dickerson



The House at Restronguet Creek

Overlooking the Creek

Overlooking the Creek

~ The House at Restronguet Creek ~

Tide slips away in stealthy retreat,
unveiling new world:
mud-carved sculptures;
deep channels scored through time.

Curlews call: mournful, beautiful;
haunting cries filling the air,
echoes traversing the hollowed river,
lingering among secretive foliage
hugging naked banks.

While her waters mingle with the sea,
boisterous, powerful,
lively and wide,
this restful creek reveals
the lonely beauty of
her private face.

Words and image © Joanna Gawn