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The Rudolph Promise + Festive Fun Frolics: Two poems for December!

As is traditional for us at this time of year, we are sharing with you a couple of short pieces – both poems, this time – of a ‘seasonal nature’. We hope you like them! They’re just a bit of fun, not meant to be taken too seriously!













My Rudolph jumper (made by Mum) is splitting at the seams!

I’ve been trying to ignore it – but I do know what this means:

Too many mince pies eaten (and some custard creams)

I’m even seeing Christmas cake dancing in my dreams!


So once this week is over, I shall have to make amends.

A diet will be needed, or this gift from Mum will rend!

It’s just so very difficult when all my lovely friends

agree that on those sweeter foods our happiness depends!


But this cannot go on – there’s no way I can deny

that my clothes are getting tighter, and more I’ll need to buy.

So to save my pennies and my health, I will resist that pie,

even though I’m leaving now to have a little cry…










Festive fun frequents

Frightfully funny fellows.

Faces fixed focus

Fone fingers flicking.

Fretting following failure

Form further features.

Formulating future facts,

Forever feeling fortunate.

Fabulous famous followers,

Feathers fluttering frantically,

Frolic furtively forlorn.

Falsely farming favour.

Fostering frugal fondles.

Fruitful foreplay fragments,

Flounders foundation fidgets,

Fighting fiddly fidelity.

Flags flakey fingers,

Freezing Friday fortunes.

Fateful fake familiarity

Finally feelings freefall.

We both very much hope that you have a wonderful Yuletide and hugely enjoy any celebrations you are part of. We both celebrate Christmas so will be taking some time off with our families – and to recharge our creative batteries. But we’ll be back in early January. Have a magical New Year!

With lovelight blessings,
Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals



Recommended Reads: The Tassamara Trilogy by Sarah Wynde

The Tassamara series is one I’m very happy to recommend to readers of urban paranormal fantasy – particularly if you enjoyed the TV show ‘A Town Called Eureka‘!

I originally blogged my review of A Gift of Ghosts here but I am including that review in this post, too, for the sake of completeness. 🙂

When reading each of my reviews in this post, please bear in mind that they were written independently of one another, immediately after reading each book!

A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara, #1)A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description

Akira Malone believes in the scientific method, evolution, and Einstein’s theory of relativity. And ghosts.

All the logic and reason in the world can’t protect her from the truth—she can see and communicate with spirits. But Akira is sure that her ability is just a genetic quirk and the ghosts she encounters simply leftover electromagnetic energy. Dangerous electromagnetic energy.

Zane Latimer believes in telepathy, precognition, auras, and that playing Halo with your employees is an excellent management technique. He also thinks that maybe, just maybe, Akira Malone can help his family get in touch with their lost loved ones.

But will Akira ever be able to face her fears and accept her gift? Or will Zane’s relatives be trapped between life and death forever?

My Review

A Gift of Ghosts is a book I enjoyed on many levels.

The lead characters are strong, with doubt and uncertainty as much a part of their relationship as the attraction.

I thought the conflict between Akira’s scientific, analytical approach to her gift, and the reality of her experiences, was realistically portrayed. As she learns more about her gift, and its apparent limits, we in turn discover more of her past, such as who broke the bones in her hand – and why.

There’s plenty of humour, too, not least from the cast of ghosts in attendance. Akira’s interaction with the ghosts brings an unusual and quirky feel to the story.

No dull moments, no wasted scenes, just a really enjoyable, intelligent read. So glad it’s the first in a series… the sequel, A Gift of Thought, awaits!

A Gift of Thought (Tassamara, #2)A Gift of Thought by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description

At seventeen, Sylvie Blair ran away from the small town of Tassamara, Florida. She joined the Marines, traveled the world and made a life for herself, but she never forgot what she left behind. Now a close protection security consultant (aka bodyguard) for a spoiled teenager in Washington DC, her empathic gift helps her keep her charge safe, if not out of trouble. When her past catches up with her, though, in the form of her telepathic high school sweetheart, Lucas, she’s forced to face her regrets even as she tries to decide whether his ridiculous stories about ghosts and Mexican drug cartels are signs of insanity or somehow true.

For Dillon Latimer, meeting his mom comes too late—it’s been five years since the drug overdose that killed him. But a little thing like death isn’t going to get in Dillon’s way when he decides that his parents would be much better off together. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for ghosts to influence the world of matter, especially when every choice Sylvie makes takes her deeper and deeper into danger. Can Dillon keep his mom alive long enough for her to live happily ever after with his dad?

My Review

Another great read from Sarah Wynde! I really do enjoy her writing, and the world and characters she’s created within (and beyond) Tassamara.

I liked finding out more about Zane’s brother, Lucas, and his past; and also more about Dillon as he continues his existence as a ghost. This isn’t Akira’s story (her tale was told in A Gift of Ghosts, the first in the series) but I was pleased to see her character pop up again here!

The only trouble is, the more I read of this series, the closer I get to finishing it…

A very strong 4 stars.

A Gift of Time (Tassamara #3)A Gift of Time by Sarah Wynde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description

She thought she could see everything. Time is proving her wrong.

Ten years ago, Natalya’s ability to remember the future cost her the life she wanted when her vision of her fiancé’s death tore them apart. Ever since, she’s considered her precognition more of a curse than a gift. How can she live in the present when the future looms so large?

But when the night she’s long dreaded finally arrives, Natalya’s vision and reality diverge. She and her ex, Colin, are drawn into a web of the unexplained, led by a mysterious little girl. Who is Kenzi? And where did she come from? The little girl might be the reason Fate has spared Colin’s life, but could she also bring Natalya and Colin together again?

With Colin, Kenzi, her family, the townspeople of Tassamara, and a set of circumstances that nobody could foresee, Natalya must solve the puzzle of a lifetime. Her discovery that her gift is not the only one at work will change the lives of everyone around her as time becomes precious in a most unexpected way… and the clock is ticking.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book (the third in the series) – it was like meeting up with an old group of quirky friends! I was pleased that Akira and Rose had important supporting roles, and key character Nat is easy-to-like.

But for me, the show-stealers were one little girl, and a sheriff named Colin, which really did add that Sheriff Jack Carter/A-Town-Called-Eureka vibe (definitely a bonus as far as I’m concerned!)

I think this might be my favourite book in the series. If you’ve read and liked the earlier books then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one.

[I can’t find a Twitter account for Sarah Wynde, but she has a Facebook page here.]


Have you read any of this series? Did you enjoy it? If you haven’t read it yet, does it appeal to you?

~ Joanna

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F is for Friendship (The Cordello Quest A-Z Series)

Friends starting a journey

Friendship … what does it mean to you? Mutual support? Someone to have a laugh with? A person you can trust, a person you can rely on to be there for you when times are challenging?

In Keira’s case, she’s in need of a friend when she arrives unexpectedly in a parallel world. She has no clue where she is, or how (or even if!) she’ll get home. It would be a very lonely transformational journey if she travelled this strange path without a friend. Luckily for Keira, synchronicity reveals just the person …

Forming a close bond with a Cordellan lord becomes vital, not only for her own wellbeing and safety, but also in the fight to retain the gift of energy that is lovelight. The connection between the two is a crucial one, the strong bond between them a key ingredient when it comes to working together while physically separated.

That’s not to say the two friends don’t disagree from time to time – being friends doesn’t mean you always share the same thoughts, feelings, or ideas! Part of a shared spiritual journey may involve learning from one another, and/or enhancing each other’s understanding of situations and relationships.

Soulmate relationships are often formed for that very reason. While they can be immensely challenging, they also promise great rewards for both friends, and the gift of unconditional love. All part and parcel of the journey for awakening souls. 😉

If you’re interested, Ron and I share more about our own soulfully-connected friendship here.

What do you feel are the most valuable aspects of a friendship – especially a close one?

~ Joanna

Image © sattva / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

The Keys, the Cat and the Judge

This is Joanna’s first attempt at a humorous poem. It was written for a competition in December 2012.  Please Like, Share or Comment if you enjoy it!


Having drunk his sixth pint of Guinness
Steven rambled home to the missus

Fumbling his keys, they fell in the hedge
Steven sat down on the cracked window ledge

The brickwork gave way; he slid to the ground
Looked for the keys; they weren’t to be found

Finding his feet, he turned for the door
Cat winding round sent him back to the floor

He hauled himself up, raised a hand to the bell
The door opened wide – the wife! She yelled:

“How dare you come home in this drunken state!”
He said: “But, Jan, it’s really not that late!”

The door slammed shut; he was left all alone
He searched his coat; could not find his phone

It started to rain, fat drops slanting down
They chased down his neck; Steve started to frown

He crawled to the hedge, took shelter beneath
Got comfy, then found he needed a wee

Groaning, he stood and unbuttoned his fly
The cat took fright, nearly clawed out his eye

He gave up on that, and sat by the door
“Next time,” he thought, “I’ll only drink four.”

Shivering, wet (in fact, utterly sodden)
He thought he’d never felt so downtrodden

But the wife had a point: he’d drunk far too much
This wasn’t the first time; and she was a Judge

So Steven decided to change his ways
Couldn’t sit here in this stupefied haze

He rapped on the door, hoped for an answer
The rain kept reminding him of his full bladder

He sent hopeful thoughts, imagined his wife
All sweetness and light, not trouble and strife

“Please let me in, I’ll be better, I swear.
Left out in the rain, that’s really not fair . . .”

The door opened sharply, and Steve fell in
Wife had her arms crossed; but no rolling pin

The cat walked through, tail quivering high
Followed by Steve, hope bright in his eye

“Never again, love,” he promised in bed.
“Glad to hear it, else you’ll be in the shed!”

Copyright Joanna Gawn 2012