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Micro-Fiction: Countdown to Three O’Clock

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six……Why do seconds take so long when you are waiting?  She said she would be here at three o’clock.  Just a few seconds more.

My dream, my angel.  

Well, yes actually; both.  An angel that appears in my dreams.  Her last visit was only a few hours ago in my waking-dream time and she said she would return when I was fully awake – now! at three this afternoon.

Warm air drifts past my neck and the hairs rise on my arms.  I am sweating and my eyes start peering around, popping out of the sockets.  Nothing except the feeling and expectation of more.

I feel a touch where no one except me has touched before. I see no one.  Nothing. But I feel the presence.   

Close my eyes, focus internally, back to dreamtime.

The touch becomes firmer, almost a grasp, and I am responding.  I smile and squint through tight lids.  

A golden aura, crimson and silver wings from the clean uncluttered shoulder line. Blond hair falling around the neck.  Blue eyes looking directly into mine. The lips, oh those lips. I lean forward to meet them and the draft of air increases to a breeze.  I am drifting before it with no power of my own, losing all. Feeling the lips. A sigh behind draws my attention and I glance back seeing my own image.

 The breeze increases.  I am gone.


Words © Ron Dickerson

Image from domdeen at FreeDigitalPhotos.Net (we will use it again later, for some haiku by Jo!)


Seven Sentence Story: The Breath of Life (Micro-Fiction)

Seven Sentence Story

The Breath of Life

The star pulsed but faintly, as though taking its last breath.

Then it seemed to vanish, blinking out of existence.

Deep within her dream, Keira sighed, the sound spreading far across the universe.

Such power, such vivid natural beauty extinguished, burned out, destroyed!

But something continued to breathe, to show life; something compelled her dreaming form to pivot.

Her heart filled, for ahead of her she saw the drawing together of matter, the startling flare as the nebula brightened with light.

The universe breathed … a new star would be born.


Please note that although I am a great fan of astronomy (I completed a degree-level course through the Open University), the above piece is fiction, and representative of a dream-state … it is not intended to be scientifically accurate. 😉

It is also intended to link in (albeit in a minor way) with an experience Keira has toward the end of The Cordello Quest.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

~ Joanna