Like many people, I love working with crystals, and aligning with my guidance led me to ‘create’ my own trio of Reiki systems, inspired by the healing properties of three types of quartz crystal: rose, smoky, and clear.

This occurred before we wrote our first novel, The Cordello Quest (which we published 10 years ago) so it’s no surprise that each book in our trilogy ‘incorporates’ crystals!

To connect this post with our A-Z Blog Series – this one being Q is for Quartz – I have shared a few quotes from the trilogy below:

Pink, like the rose quartz energy in the crystal tower, like the crystal ball and the dolphin. Not a coincidence: how could it be? “Rose quartz is a crystal associated with love,” Shannon continued. “With self-love as well as love for others. You cannot easily accept and love others if you do not do the same for yourself.”

(from Mosaic of Light)

“I think you should have these. The smoky quartz will help you to stay grounded, and to shift negative emotions into more positive ones. It’ll also help you to leave your old self behind, now that you’re moving forward.”

(from The Exile’s Blade)

​Jason searched for his clear quartz, Shannon gasping as he held it high. Rainbow light shot from the interior, flushing its planed sides with violet, orange, and flashing emerald. The light blinded me, and I had to look away. Shannon said, “This place is acting on the stones you carry. They are resonating with the energy here.” She spoke with that tone that told of ages-old knowledge, one I knew gave us information, rather than an opinion.

(from Mosaic of Light)

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This set of crystal empowerments was made available through my old business and website(s), but I’d always intended to make them easily accessible to our blog readers, too!

We are pleased to now offer you the Quartz Crystal Reiki systems via our Bonus Section! Each attunement is a self-attunement, so you can download the manual, receive the attunement at your convenience, and then get started using your new Reiki!

These systems are genuinely free. No payment is required for any or all of them, ever. You may also pass the manuals on to others, if you think they will be interested, so that they can attune themselves to these Reiki systems. (It might be easier to share this post, so that they have some context!)

We invite you to visit our brand new Quartz Crystal Reiki page to find out more about Rose Quartz Reiki, Smoky Quartz Reiki, and Clear Quartz Reiki, and to download the manuals and attunements as you wish. Enjoy!

With lovelight and crystalline blessings,

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals
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