While I’m on a (mostly) writing-and-business “sabbatical”, I have been reading a lot… not that unexpected for a writer, really! 😉

However I have also been listening to music a fair bit. You’re likely aware of the profound effect that music (well, all sounds!) can have on your energetic frequency.

Your choice of music usually depends on what mood you want to be in, as well as your starting place! As I did some long-overdue decluttering, I rediscovered some CDs that I hadn’t listened to in years. This one from Lighthouse Family takes me back a few decades, but I felt drawn to listen to it and am so glad I did. Do you want to feel “lifted”? 😉

If meditation or nature are more your thing (although it doesn’t have to be one or the other, of course!) then you might enjoy this video below! I haven’t watched that much of it yet, but based on what I’ve seen/listened to so far, I know it’s one I’ll be coming back to again and again.

There are scenes here that I know I’d never get to see in person, so am thankful that I have the opportunity to visit them through the power of technology (and the creator’s generosity!)

Nature is awe-inspiring – wonder is another great way to lift your “vibe”!

I think Keira would like it, too. 😉

That’s all from me for the time being. I am still following my internal guidance on blog posts, social media, writing, etc. I therefore have no schedule, no plan, no to-do list. It’s refreshing – and exactly what I need!

Until next time, take care!