After so many months of stress,

I’m taking time to decompress.

Becoming still and listening

to the guidance that my soul will bring.

Writing’s near the end of my list,

and although it’s something that I miss

it’s clear my body and my mind

need lots of time to just unwind…

Our novels come from soul-deep places;

for now I don’t see my creations’ faces,

(although there was a work in progress,

about an awakening, menopausal woman named Jess!)

Once the energy’s right and my soul says “Go!”

like Keira, I’ll jump back into the flow!​

For now, please know we value our readers,

and if something happens, we may post teasers!

Thanks for waiting so patiently

as we take the time and space we need.

(While poetry doesn’t *need* to rhyme,

this piece does – and as it’s mine

I get to choose my words and style,

even though it’s been a while!)


Words copyright Joanna Gawn

Image from Pixabay