Hi there! I’ve enhanced this blog so that there is MUCH more for you to enjoy!

We’ve included a NEW Bonus Section, filled with lots of additional content ready for you to explore!

Think crystals, affirmations, orbs of life (the inspiration for the lovelight globes in our trilogy), Reiki, and beautiful graphics of some of our favourite uplifting Lazuli Portals Trilogy quotes.

In addition, our two short story collections THE HOUSE OF THE STORMWIND and CRYSTAL, FIRE, AND WATER are also now available for free download directly from the blog, in PDF format. If you prefer to read in alternative formats, then we have other options for you to access these titles.

We’re excited to have so much more of our reader bonuses right here on the blog, and hope you like it all. Stay tuned for our next A-Z blog post, too, as there will be more crystalline content added to the Bonus Section when that post goes live. (Hint: We’ve reached the letter Q in this blog series!)

In the meantime, please enjoy the new content, and perhaps meander through our blog posts, too, if you have a moment. There’s micro-stories, recommendations for good books and wellness resources, and of course the A-Z blog series sharing more about our characters, life-force energy, and other yummy goodness.

Til next time, stay safe, keep well, and be the light,
Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals
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