Behold, The Dreamer – A Keira Micro-Fiction / Short Story

Her eyelids flutter, the dream unspooling as her spirit travels in the realms of imagination and mystery.
She hears her name: “Keira!” The voice is a warm energy swirling around her form, a recognition and a blessing.
Keira smiles, her dream-self feeling such joy that she can hardly contain it.
Her dreaming body turns, but she already knows what she will see; the tingling in her energy field is her keenest sense here.
A pale, shimmering light surrounds her, white shot through with the lightest shades of coral, azure, amber, and violet.
Then a separate frequency makes itself known to her, and she recognises it at once.
“Lady Aida!” she whispers, the tingling intensifying as she speaks the name of her treasured friend.
“I am here,” her guide answers, her visible form ebbing and flowing in the strange light of this ascended realm. “I am always here for you.”
Keira’s body softens, all the tension of the day loosening its hold on her physical self. Her crown and earth chakras are buzzing.
Lady Aida opens a palm, revealing a large, raw lapis lazuli. The rich blue reminds Keira of the sea on a bright, bright day, and the glinting flecks of the pyrite wink at her like captured starlight.
She feels so weightless, so free, so filled with possibility and awareness.
Here, it seems that her physical body is no more than a heavy container. Her true self is like a bird on the wing with the open sky before it, the world below shrinking to a small speck in a vast universe, where dreams can soar and time has no meaning.
So restful.
So peaceful.
Keira sighs again.
There is a light touch upon her brow, a kind and loving press of ethereal fingertips, and then Keira’s dream ebbs away and she slides into deep, dreamless sleep.
Words copyright Joanna Gawn 2020
Image from Pixabay
We hope you enjoyed this little reprise to the world of Keira, Jason, and the Lazuli Portals trilogy.
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