Where Did The Time Go?!

It doesn’t seem possible, but already a whole year has passed since we published and launched the big finale to The Lazuli Portals Trilogy. We have had lots of wonderful feedback for The Exile’s Blade (phew!) 

It is incredibly heartening to know that our ‘ideal readers’ really ‘got’ the series as a whole, and understood, felt involved in, and empathised with the conflicts and successes of Keira and Co. What a lot they learned! We’ve also loved hearing how our books have helped some readers connect more deeply with the life-force energies. Are you one of them? 🙂

Given that it took over two years to write and publish The Exile’s Blade – and that Jo’s health has not exactly ‘played ball’ during or following that process – we haven’t written a huge amount since! Day-to-day life has demanded (and finally received!) acknowledgement and attention.

After all, equilibrium requires yin to balance the yang… 

So for now, we will celebrate the trilogy and what we have already achieved, and continue to rebuild and recharge. All our books remain for sale both online and at mind-body-spirit fairs (or by post if you can’t make it to any of the events – please contact us). We’ll write smaller pieces as and when we feel the desire and the energy – so please keep an eye out for our blog posts, and/or for writing-related shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Who knows what might follow? What will call to our creative passions? Which new characters will evolve from the realms of imagination and the worlds beyond? What new insights will ask to be shared?

Sometimes, uncertainty about the future can be fun. It’s all about accepting and welcoming the Flow – and focusing energy toward what’s in alignment!

Thanks for reading!

Lovelight blessings,

Joanna and Ron

The Lazuli Portals