Hello to you!

For those of you interested in our Trilogy, we have more news regarding the final book, The Exile’s Blade.

Further to our previous post (which you can read here, if you would like to refer to it again), we have finalised the details relating to our Limited Editions bundle.

Also, the Kindle-only version (priced at £2.90 or equivalent) is now available to pre-order from Amazon.
This link will take you to the Kindle pre-order page at your Amazon store > viewbook.at/exilesblade

The Limited Edition bundle comprises (i) a signed paperback with optional personalised dedication, and infused with lovelight (ii) a free Kindle or PDF version of the book (iii) an optional Orb of Life energy session, which is sent remotely (i.e. you can receive it regardless of where you are). You can find out more about Orbs of Life here: http://www.lazuli-portals.com/orbs-of-life.html

For UK customers, the bundle is priced at £15 including postage.

For Overseas customers, the bundle is priced at £23, which includes Standard International Delivery. Unfortunately, with postage rates having risen since we released Mosaic of Light, and The Exile’s Blade being a bigger/heavier book, we have had to increase our P&P a little, too.

If you wish to purchase the Limited Edition bundle, please email us at admin@lazuli-portals.com as soon as possible:

  • Please include your name, and the address to which you would like your signed paperback book to be sent. (If you will be collecting your book in person, please tell us and we will exclude the P&P from your invoice.)
  • If you would like a particular dedication written in your book when we sign it, we are happy to include that: let us know what you’d like us to write!
  • Please let us know whether you prefer your free ebook version of The Exile’s Blade to be Kindle (mobi) or PDF format.
  • Please also state whether you would like to receive the optional Orb of Life energy session!
  • Data security: We will delete our record of your postal and email addresses once we have fulfilled your order i.e. posted your book, and sent your Paypal invoice and ebook.
  • We will be setting a deadline of 7 August for orders (and payment) of the Limited Editions, as we need to order the books ourselves and allow time for delivery before launch day!

If you’d like to be part of our online launch via Facebook, then you can join our event here. We will be sharing excerpts from the book – and those interested are also invited to receive a free fire agate crystal energy session!

And as a little teaser to whet your appetite for The Exile’s Blade, we will leave you with four ‘early excerpts’!

Hope you like ’em! Do you have a favourite?! 🙂

This may well be our final blog post before launch day, 18 Aug ’18, so – until then – we wish you blessings of joy, health, and happiness.

Joanna and Ron |  The Lazuli Portals
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