Morwell (or to use his full name, Lord Morwell) … Who is he?!

Well, Morwell is an Ascended Reikan whom we first meet in Mosaic of Light, the second novel in The Lazuli Portals Trilogy.

He is a being who can change his appearance at will … but one who, in his natural state, looks more than a little wizard-like. Maybe he has a bit of Gandalf about him, or perhaps a smidge of Dumbledore. Could it be there is even a touch of Merlin? 🙂

He is, however, fundamentally Reikan!

With his vast ancient knowledge, Lord Morwell – like his Cordellan/Reikan friend Lady Aida – is in the perfect position to aid new lightworkers as they find their way on their journey. Soon after he meets Keira and her companion in a strange new world of apparent ‘nothingness’, Morwell answers Keira’s question thus:

“Your purpose? You do not realise how much you limit miracles in your life by perceiving them to be impossible. You are as powerful as you think you are … Your purpose is to stop imposing limits on yourself through fear and negativity.”

He then reminds Keira of some of the lessons she learned in Cordello: the power of intention, faith in the unfolding. Trusting your inner knowing.

Morwell loves to be enigmatic, to be a part of the mystery of life beyond the material world, and to offer teasing glimpses of the unseen. His eyes, nearly transparent, could almost be a window to  … well, somewhere! What would you see if you looked into them? (Nope, we’re not answering that here! We can’t give away all the books’ secrets, hehe!)

Later, as Jason faces the first in a series of challenges, he questions why he’s found himself in this situation.

“You’re in the right place at the right time, Jason. Stop resisting; it will only make this so much harder.”

Resisting the flow of life only means that you stay caught, unable to determine a way forward. Once your ‘here and now’ is accepted – without reservation – there is space and openness to see what options are available, and/or to allow life to work through you.

Further on in his challenges, Jason is uncertain about whether to take a certain action. He is way out of his comfort zone – a place we often find ourselves when undergoing spiritual growth – and can’t make a decision. Morwell offers Jason some advice:

“Jason, what do you feel is right?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know,” Jason says. “I can’t make up my mind!”
“Then leave your mind out of it.”
“What? How can I think if I don’t use my mind?”
Feel,” Morwell tells him. “Use your heart, Jason. That’s what knows best, of all parts of you. Your heart, your soul.”

And that is the heart and soul of Morwell. A guide, a mentor, a teacher. An ancient being who can communicate with plants via the language of fractals. An Ascended Reikan who – naturally – is familiar with crystalline frequencies. A good friend of the wonderful Lady Aida. And a character who we, as authors, will be really sad to say goodbye to!

In our next A-Z post, we’ll be talking N is for Names, and sharing with you how the names of our key characters (Morwell among them) came into being.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know!

Oh! We now have a cover for the third novel of the trilogy (and a blurb, too!) and are well on the way to getting the book’s typesetting completed (we hope….!)

So, if things progress well, we will have some ‘official’ book news to share with you soon! 🙂

With lovelight,

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals
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