This post is the first in a planned series sharing tools and techniques that I’ve been using for mindfulness and meditation. We hope you enjoy them!

The tool I’m sharing with you today is one I found several years back, and have used a fair bit.

‘Calm’ is free via Google Play, the iTunes store, and for  those who prefer to access via a laptop, can be easily accessed at

The moving scenes (videos on a loop) can be used with their accompanying audios (or relaxing music, in some cases) or muted, so that you have purely the moving image as your focus.

There’s a selection of timers to choose from, or you can set your chosen scene to run until you decide to Stop or Pause it. Once the scene has been running for a little while, the timer fades until you want it again.

In addition to immersing yourself in the dozens of natural scenes, the Calm app offers a large number of tailored guided meditations, including Sleep Stories and meditations for children.

One section is shown below. Some require a subscription, but my own feeling is that the app offers plenty for those who wish to stick to the unpaid version.

I’ve used both the desktop version and the Android phone version. Scenes can be downloaded to mobile devices for offline use, which is handy for travel or when data usage is a factor. 🙂

When using the mobile version, a daily meditation reminder can be set. The app also allows you to keep track of the days you meditated – and your longest streak, total number of sessions, and total time spent meditating!

I have my favourite scenes, one of which is the valley river shown above (it happens to remind me of a place which is important to me, and to the 3rd novel in our Lazuli Portals trilogy!)

I’m also a big fan of the falling raindrops (see the first image in the post), falling snow against a midnight blue sky, the waves fluttering into the sunset beach above, the foggy stream, and the deep underwater scene! On mobile devices, it’s easy to swipe backward and forward between scenes.

There is also a selection of music geared toward focus, relaxation, or sleep, depending on your preference.

So there you have it – the ‘Calm’ app. Has this post piqued your interest? Have you found it helpful? We’ll share more apps and audio-visual tools in future posts, and I’ll be talking a bit about colouring for grown-ups, too, I hope!

Leaving you with lovelight blessings!

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