Earth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other SideEarth Angel Series Boxset: The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening & The Other Side by Michelle Gordon

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Book Description

This is the Earth Angel Series Kindle Boxset, which includes the first three books in the series – The Earth Angel Training Academy, The Earth Angel Awakening and The Other Side.

The Earth Angel Training Academy:
When Head of the Earth Angel Training Academy, Velvet, receives a call from an Elder on the first day of term, she knows that the new class will be unlike any other she has taught. While experiencing the most tumultuous time of her very long existence, Velvet must remember her buried past, and open her eyes to the future so that she can prepare the Earth Angel trainees for the toughest missions of their existence – to Awaken the humans before the world ends. Time is running out… The is the second edition.
Review: “The Earth Angel Training Academy packs wonderful and ancient truth into an imaginatively original tale that both delights and enlightens. The result: a read that is both fun and inspiring.” – Neale Donald Walsch

The Earth Angel Awakening:
Twenty-five years after leaving the Earth Angel Training Academy to be born on Earth as a human, Velvet (now known on Earth as Violet) is beginning to Awaken. But when she repeatedly ignores her dreams and intuition, she misses the opportunity to be with her Twin Flame, Laguz. Without the long-awaited reunion with her Twin Flame, can Violet possibly Awaken fully, and help to bring the world into the elusive Golden Age?
The Earth Angel Awakening is the sequel to the Earth Angel Training Academy, also available on Kindle. Warning: Contains expletives and therefore may not be suitable for younger children.

The Other Side:
Mikey is an ordinary boy who just happens to talk to the Faeries at the bottom of his garden. So when an Angel visits him in his dream and tells him he must return to the Earth Angel Training Academy in order to save the world, despite his fears, he understands and accepts the task. Starlight is the Angel of Destiny. By carefully orchestrating events at the Academy and on Earth, she can make sure that everything works out the way that it should, even though it may not make sense to those around her. Leon is a Faerie Seer. He arrives at the Academy as a trainee, but through his visions he realises that his role in the Awakening is far more important than he ever imagined. The Other Side takes the first Earth Angel Training Academy story and helps you to see it from a completely different perspective.

What I thought of it

I purchased this boxset after reading only the first chapter of The Earth Angel Training Academy: I had a sense that the whole series would be fun to read, as well as being sprinkled with spiritual truths. Will every theme and concept in the series resonate with you? Well, as with all books, that will be different for everyone, as we are each unique. Personally, I found a lot to enjoy, and was also left with much to think about.

Aside from the spiritual themes of the books in this boxset, I got caught up in the relationships between the various characters – human, angelic, faerie, and … well, I’ll say no more about them, as I don’t want to spoil your own Earth Angel Training Academy adventure!

The instant manifestation theme was certainly fun for me as a reader, as I imagine it must have been for the author to write! There are more practical topics now and then, too – like dowsing with pendulums, and guided meditations; and the struggles we awakening humans pass through as we gradually gain more understanding of ourselves and of our possible role in this vast, energetic universe.

If you’re aware you’re on a journey of spiritual awakening, and/or simply want to allow new ideas and perspectives to expand your thinking, then I think you’ll really enjoy this boxset. After reading the first three books, I have already purchased the fourth. I know that I’ll read it at precisely the right time, as and when I’m nudged by the gentle voice of my intuition!

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So does this series appeal to you? Perhaps you’ve already read one or more of the books forming the series? Did you, too, find it thought-provoking and an enjoyable read? 🙂

~ Joanna