book image for LP3 update april 2016

Following the publication of Mosaic of Light, the second in our metaphysical and visionary fiction series, we started work on Dark Perfume: Tales of Light and Shadow (you can find out more about both books here). 

By the time we’d launched Dark Perfume last autumn, I was struggling with health issues more than usual (I am a #spoonie) and had to take a break from writing and publishing our books simply to regain some wellbeing. (Grrrr! But at least I could still manage some short stories for Writers’ Circle and some bits and pieces for our blog!)

Finally, I felt alert and well enough to re-read The Cordello Quest and Mosaic of Light in depth, making pages of notes and “mustn’t forget”, “what about this?” and “ooooh, I must include that!” comments. Preparatory work, basically. It was fun, too, because I was remembering how many insights and scenes in the first two novels resonated with me, or were just plain enjoyable to re-experience!

However, the sheer volume of things I knew I needed to resolve, remember, add, or figure out was a tad overwhelming, and my frequent brain fog issues meant it was sometimes impossible to keep the necessary degree of focus. At other times I’d simply be too exhausted to try! (More Grrrr!)

Now and then I also found myself scribbling down little scenes involving Jason or Keira (and their friends and guides) which were demanding immediate release. I ended up with several seemingly-unrelated “bits of story”, which was intriguing as I’ve never worked that way before:  the story has always unfolded pretty much sequentially. By then it was obvious this book was starting to build itself in my subconscious, and that the writing of it would ‘need’ to begin soon …

And then, a few months ago, the timing was finally right. I had a crystal-bright vision play out (just before falling asleep of course, so on went the light, pen and paper grabbed, *scribble scribble*, then an attempt to fall asleep with my mind buzzing and spiralling. Helpful, not!)

Once I had that, I knew the book’s starting point, and was able to ‘get underway’ with the opening chapters. (Happy sigh!)

I am now pleased to tell you that LP3 (Lazuli Portals #3, as it doesn’t yet have a formal title) has passed 24,000 words (about 85 paperback pages) and nine chapters, and is taking me in very interesting directions! It feels a complicated storyline – it’s the third in the planned trilogy, too – so there is a lot to figure out along the way. Thankfully the natural development of the story, as told through the characters, does that for me, sometimes! Guess which ones are the loudest at making their thoughts known, lol!

So anyway … we thought we’d share this progress with you so that you know that LP3, while still young, unformed, and a little unruly, is filled with potential and gradually growing up and getting itself together.

Being a spoonie, that’s all as stamina and health allow, of course…!

But I’m trusting in the unfolding, and in the balance of it all.

~ Joanna and Ron