The Little Voice of Reason: A Bitesize Tale

This is a bit of a weird bitesize tale, one I wrote a while back using the photo below as a writing prompt.

I’ve deliberately retained ambiguity, which might not satisfy some readers. But perhaps it is simply a cautionary tale using metaphor? That’s for you to decide.

Also I felt that it may contain a message or insight which resonates with someone, so I’ve decided to follow my intuition and publish it now!

Your comments are welcomed. 🙂

~ Joanna


The Little Voice of Reason

Its claws would break through the barrier of my skin. How, then, can I escape this confinement? I ache for the lush grass beyond, can see the vitality of each blade, can almost taste the richness and moisture captured within. My mouth waters.

– Does he not see that this is for his own good? That the barrier is a protection, not a prison?

Perhaps I could leap the wire? No one would ever know, not if I was careful, and came back to my ‘assigned’ place. Would they?

– Again and again, he desires more than is his to have. Foolish, foolish. Can he not be happy with what is available to him? Can he not appreciate what he has, and forget about the rest?

The wire is sharp; even through the layers of my coat I can feel that. But I am sure the grass is greener on the far side. If I could just stretch my head underneath …

– No, no! You could cause irreparable damage, youngster. Do you not understand that the grass that side of the fence is toxic to you? Its vibrancy is a lie … it is a false promise, and so wrong for you. Please, please, do not cross, do not cross!

Something doesn’t feel right. Doesn’t smell right. My nose crinkles. I retreat before I realise what I am doing. Odd, but now I don’t want that grass anymore. I will turn my back on it. The scent of my grass feels familiar, and I think I will stay where I am after all.

– And so another one is saved . . .

[270 words]


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2 responses to “The Little Voice of Reason: A Bitesize Tale

  1. The grass is definitely NOT greener on the other side Jo 🙂 I didn’t think it was weird at all. As always, love your bitesize tale. x

    Liked by 1 person

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