Highly Sensitive

This may resonate with a good number of our readers and/or followers … I therefore felt it was important to share it.

Please let us know in the Comments if you have found it useful!


2 responses to “Highly Sensitive

  1. That was such an interesting post to share, Joanna. We have a one year old granddaughter who likes to suss out what’s happening before she joins in. My daughter is great and allows her all the time she needs. I’ll share the post with her too. It’s an overlooked and important aspect of the wonderful variety of the human condition.


    • I’m glad you found it helpful, Karen – my work is done!! 😉 I found a book entitled “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine Aron to be very useful when my high sensitivity was kicked up several notches after a trauma. Suddenly things started to make sense. I wish your granddaughter a beautiful life x

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