Empty Chairs, Empty Tables

Empty chairs; empty tables. Once again the others are going somewhere without me. Once again my invitation was by happenstance, an accident, an “Oh, we didn’t think you’d want to come, but of course, as you’re here … well, if you’d like to …”

The saccharine smile, a mechanical lift of her mouth; I can see the reluctance and the distance in her eyes.

More rejection. It has always been the same. There is a hint of bitterness in the taste of it. She has her back to me now; her friends are leaving. I am already forgotten.

Enough. I am making a new choice. This time I will not be hurt. I will not feel excluded or betrayed or less than. I will not seek to follow or join or be a part of it. I’m not sure I really want to do what they have planned, anyway. Maybe it was all about the inclusion.

This time I am going to trust that I am not meant to be at this event, with these people. I have been following their path, wanting to be part of their ideas.

Perhaps, as the sky fills with cloud, and the breeze lifts a forgotten paper napkin into a solitary dance, I will start to choose my own path, to conjure up dreams and wander through unexpected doorways.

Empty chairs; empty tables. Not an absence, but a quiet space for dreaming, and bringing a new world into being.

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Story © Joanna Gawn – inspired by the image, which is used with permission via dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.Net.

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