Cordello Quest A-Z Series: I is for Inspiration (includes photos!)

Our second novel Mosaic of Light has passed its first birthday! So we thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of the real-life woodland which inspired the fictional Tickerholm Woods featured in the book.

(Yes, The Cordello Quest A-Z Series is moving on, just as Keira and Jason have! So you may see more Mosaic of Light-related posts as this series progresses.)

One of my favourite elements within this wood is the little stream, with its crystal clarity and its gentle flow (although that depends on rainfall, of course!)

Those of you who’ve read Mosaic of Light will be aware of the significance of the stream!




Of course, the trees themselves are a big draw, too. 🙂 Their energy always feels soothing to me, all stress simply melting away when I’m surrounded by them. This helps me to strengthen my connection with the flow of life and universal energy.

Some of the paths are quite steep and winding: it’s those trails which inspired Keira and Jason’s re-entry to the woodland from the heath.


Then there’s the fresh growth unfurling almost before your eyes. 🙂 The smaller plants in the woodland remind me that Nature has its own timing, and finds a perfect balance in the ongoing cycle of renewal and release, growth and decay.


In spring, bluebells adorn the grasses, nodding their delicate heads of blue in the welcome sunlight. Their time is short, lasting for just a few weeks before Nature moves on and the canopies burst into full leaf. The brevity of the bluebell season teaches me to appreciate what’s present in the here and now. Don’t you think they’re beautiful? 🙂



Can you feel the tranquility and life-force energy (lovelight) held within this special place?

Do you have an inspirational woodland spot? Feel free to post your own photos in the comments; let’s have a virtual woodland walk, and share the calming and revitalising energies these natural spaces offer us!

Joanna and Ron | The Lazuli Portals

* * * To see the earlier posts in The Cordello Quest A-Z Series please follow this link. * * *


4 responses to “Cordello Quest A-Z Series: I is for Inspiration (includes photos!)

  1. Love your idea of a virtual woodland walk Jo 🙂 I do have favourite places … one of them being Kinson Common (hope it’s ok to add link to a post here – delete my comment if not!)

    In Spring, if you just hover your palm over the buds there is so much energy waiting to burst out. Love all the seasons though.

    Fabulous post. J next 😀 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Shaz! I can see why Kinson Common is a favourite – so much nostalgia and (mostly!) happy memories for you there! (Of course it was fine to add a link!)

      Love that you’ve taken the time to be still and quiet to tune into the energy of those buds. That reminds me of one of the Caverns in The Cordello Quest, too!

      Yes, J is for …. ? Well I think we’ve decided that one. Just gotta write it now! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and for tweeting, Shaz x


  2. What a lovely woodland walk I took from the comfort of my own desk this morning – beautiful pics and makes me want to get out into the countryside, even though it’s currently raining!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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