Of Ghosts and Moonlight, and Shadows in Time: Five Excerpts from Dark Perfume

We’re back with some more excerpts from ‘DARK PERFUME: Tales of Light and Shadow’ – yay! We hope you enjoyed the snippets that we shared last time. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

First up we have ‘Forget Me Not’:

Extract from Forget Me Not

In my garden, the pretty little forget-me-not flowers grow like weeds. They are innocent and pure (if a little keen on self-propagation). However, when I saw ‘Forget Me Not’ as a Writers’ Circle story prompt, I saw the words as a sinister warning, and the story grew from there …

The next excerpt is taken from a story of 3000 words, ‘Shadows in Time’. 

DP Shadows in Time extract with date

It was originally written for a competition, the brief being to write a ghost story which evoked all the scary, spine-tingling feelings such stories are meant to elicit … and so Maria’s story was born.

Continuing the spooky theme, our next excerpt is from ‘Of Ghosts and Moonlight’.

Extract from Of Ghosts and Moonlight

This began as a tale about a derelict house, written for a Writers’ Circle meeting. It needed a lot of rewriting to make the story ‘work’, but we’re pleased with the end result. We hope you are, too!

Finally, we have two ‘author readings’ – short extracts that Joanna has read and then transformed into YouTube videos.

‘The Legend of Marina Cove’ was written for local paper, The Torbay Times. The cove featured in this tale of romance and transformation is loosely based on Fairy Cove, in Torbay. Listen to this excerpt here.

‘Lonely Places’, on the other hand, celebrates the majestic moorland and the people who are in tune with Nature, who need the open spaces and the natural rhythms of the land to feel ‘right’. Listen to a little of Jake’s story here.

A quick reminder about our Facebook Release Day Event, with optional clear quartz crystal energy session for those who like working with light, crystals, Reiki, and other subtle energies. Click or tap here to read about and/or Join the Event.

If you’d like to pre-order DARK PERFUME now, so that Amazon sends your copy directly to your Kindle (or Kindle app) on 30 September, please follow the appropriate link from those listed below.

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See you on Launch Day!

Joanna & Ron | The Lazuli Portals


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