White Horses ~ a poem by Ron

Pic fo white horses poem


Sandprints mirror feet, entwined in romance

Whose movements reflect our own deep desires

I sit on the rocks, alone and in dread

As white horses swell in, washing memories away


We danced in the moon, barefoot on the beach

Held hands till the sun scoured moonshadows away

And now it is dark, just starlight on tears

The footprints now gone, and so are my dreams


Our time filled with joy, together and whole

Minds melt into one as waves meet the shore

It took you away, away from my care

This sea of desire, now cold, dark and bare


Those days that we had, so precious to me

What word can express the gifts you endowed

Now the drain on my soul,  like the pull of the tide

Clears the beach of our dreams, flushing hope far away


The longed for return, from over the sea

Back to my arms, stretched out from the shore

My body so misses, heart longs the return

White horses that stole, carry love back to me


Words © Ron C. Dickerson




3 responses to “White Horses ~ a poem by Ron

  1. Written from the heart …

    Sharing my poem Jo (from The Rose Petals) hope you don’t mind …


    Liked by 1 person

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