Keira stops for a moment of meditation in one of Cordello’s secret glades.

The softest of late summer breezes skims across my skin as I sit on the grass at the edge of the natural pool. I let my fingers dip into the water. It feels delicious.

In the distance, I can hear the muted roar of the waterfall. But here, all is quiet, with golden sunlight slanting through the trees protecting the glade.

I could stay here all day, in this secret place. Just me and the clear water and the gentle breeze sighing through the trees.

Above me, the air is tinted with the opal tones of lovelight, and it soothes me.

My breathing slows. The tranquility and energy of my surroundings seep into me, penetrating deep into my muscles, my bones, my cells, until I am completely relaxed.

There is nothing I need to do. I have no desire or need to move.

My body rests. My mind is quiet.

I am just me. Here, I am free.

I know this place now, and when I need its stillness, its peace, I will return.


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~ Joanna

Image © dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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