Image © Randy Mazie
Image © Randy Mazie

Joanna’s story ~ Sari’s Search for Answers

I finally found her in the library. Her pulse was irregular, as delicate as a snowflake.
This area had been evacuated weeks before; why had she come here?
A paramedic in HazMat gear forced a tube into her mouth while I held her chilled hand.
“Please live, Sari,” I prayed. “I need you.”
I stroked her waxen cheek. She seemed so fragile.
A sigh shuddered from her cracked lips.
“Sari?” I whispered.
“Had dream,” she croaked. “Cure for plague, one of these old books.”
My fingers stilled. “Which one?”
She didn’t breathe again.
I’d never told her I loved her.

 [100 words]

 I think the inspiration for this piece came from watching the television series, The Last Ship!


 Ron’s ‘ronku’ ~ LIBRARY
Ron has created a new word! (Something he does often, actually!)
Ronku: An acrostic poem not much longer than a haiku 😉
(You can see the tongue in cheek, right?! :P)

Late morning lie over

Imbibing past

Bike too dangerous

Remembering nothing

After usual problem

Resolved to stop

Yet I really know!

[21 words]


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