Question: Are Soulmate Connections always romantic?

AnswerRon and I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Mali and Joe from The Soulmate Experience (@SoulmateExprnce on Twitter).

Mali Joe

 Mali and Joe invited us to take part because they could clearly see the soul connection we share, and felt that our story – our purpose – was one which needed to be told.

Mali and Joe’s Introduction

Though not a couple in the romantic sense, Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson write novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry together (through the pen name The Lazuli Portals) and definitely share what we consider a “soul connection.”

The core themes woven through their novels are spiritual awakening, synchronicities, crystals, friendship, developing intuition, and the incredible power of universal energy and unconditional love. They also explore other related areas of the paranormal.

Mali and Joe asked us a number of questions, including:

How did you meet, and how did you know that this relationship was unique?

Do you feel that you have a shared purpose for being together?

What advice can you offer others who work or have a business together?

How do you feel that you or your readers benefit from your relationship?

* * * Two years on, the interview posted on Mali and Joe’s website is no longer accessible, so we have now reproduced the questions and answers here, in full.  – Joanna, 15 Dec 2016 * * *

1. Tell us how you met, and how you knew that this relationship was unique.
(Ron) Jo became a partner – then wife – of a long term friend, known through the MG Owners Club.  I think we first met at a camping rally and got talking when Jo was not feeling too well. We discussed ‘healing’ (the only word I had then) and I offered support.
Unique, well yes. Walt (Jo’s husband) knew of my … shall we say ‘flirtatious’ manner.  However, having a woman as a friend has allowed me to find new areas of me that were probably hidden, made me more open?
(Jo) I’ve always sensed very early on when a relationship is going to be important to me (including the one with my husband!) but in this case I was a bit wary. The sense of connection, of already having known one another for years (rather than minutes), was both overpowering and confusing – at least for me!
I also felt that having a male friend might be a bit ‘risky’ – I didn’t understand back then that men and women could be close without romantic complications, that there could be a different ‘purpose’ for ‘soul connections’. (I didn’t know about soul connections back then, either!)
So despite both feeling ‘strongly connected’ we proceeded cautiously, and it took some time before we felt confident enough to be in touch more often.
2. Do you feel that you’re connected on a soul level? If so, how would you describe that connection?
(Ron) Soul: now I have thought long and hard about my understanding of that word.  Between a symbiosis of a continual energy force and a body, through to a religious connotation, and on to an entity created by self-awareness.  So I cannot really answer, because I do not fully understand the term.  But we accepted each other from day one and trust each other.  There is a connection beyond that of ‘normal’ which allows us both to be very happily married to our partners and maintain a strong working and ’emotional’ connection.
(Jo) Absolutely. On a personal level we’re best friends, while on a professional level we’re writing and business partners. I don’t really know how to describe our soul connection beyond that, except to say that there’s an instinctive understanding that it’s ‘right’, valuable, and worth protecting. We invest in it, work at it, take care of it.
3. What is one of the most meaningful experiences you’ve had together?
(Ron) Probably discussing our varying understandings of Redfield’s book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’; it really led to everything else, including our own books!
(Jo) Yes, the shared journey of reading and discussing The Celestine Prophecy, and its sequels. Learning about energy, synchronicity, control dramas, and unconditional love (like the acceptance and love we offer family and pets) has been life-changing. These have been core themes in our own novels. That learning continues, of course (therefore so will the novels!)
4. How do you feel that you benefit from being in your relationship (or, how do other people, like your readers, benefit from your relationship)?
(Ron) Do we benefit? (Joke, Jo!) To have someone at hand to bounce ideas off and know you will get an honest response with no agenda issues is invaluable. Ask Jo about agendas. 🙂
(Jo) Our very different life experiences and approaches have made for some interesting “discussions” (!) and also some powerful energetic shifts on a personal level. Our connection also includes a lot of mutual support, and fun.
As for our writing, I believe we have a synthesis which enhances what we write individually. The whole is better than the sum of its constituent parts! And our joint interest and experiences in energy healing and the metaphysical lends itself well to crafting our visionary fiction novels, which are intended to entertain as well as empower and enlighten. Not that we plan them: it’s more like tuning in and downloading, at least for the first draft! 😉
What was that about agendas, Ron? Did you mention spreadsheets and task lists, too? Yes, I like to be organised. Collaborating on long-term creative projects when you live 30 miles apart can be an interesting process, especially with Ron having such a busy lifestyle, and me having ongoing health issues. 🙂
5. Do you feel that you have a shared purpose for being together? If so, what is that purpose?
(Ron) To wind each other up with no recrimination? Sorry – it must be to get our ideas into our books, and read and hopefully used to empower.
(Jo) That’s a definitive Yes!
Synchronicity brought us to that car rally, and Ron’s healing support deepened my budding interest in subtle energies. Initially this led to my first Reiki session – and then attunement. Later I started my own business focusing on serving others with Reiki and energy healing. It changed my life – and would soon offer me a soul-driven direction for my writing.
I had a burning desire (overpowering need) to craft stories, to write novels – but lacked focus.
As my friendship with Ron progressed, and we read The Celestine Prophecy series, worked with subtle energies, and discussed the metaphysical, I suddenly found that focus. Feeling incredibly inspired, and with Ron’s encouragement, I wrote Chapter One of what would become The Cordello Quest. After reading it, Ron emailed me back, demanding that I write more.
What a moment that was! And how synchronistically our experiences came together at that point (November 2010). Fusing storytelling with love and light and spiritual growth was exactly what my soul needed, and had been waiting for. We’ve written as a duo ever since.
I feel writing in the genre that we do really needs passion as its fuel, and trust and openness as its foundation. That needs a soul connection, in my view.
6. What challenge have you faced together, and how did you find your way through it?
(Ron) Just together and remaining very good friends is challenging enough!
(Jo) I agree! Being best friends and business partners is a double challenge in itself, but when that business involves a creative process as well, then there is definitely some potential for ‘difficulty’! That’s where the foundation of ‘unconditional acceptance’ (what some would label ‘unconditional love’) becomes so important. It gives you the confidence to be fully open and honest with one another, and to work through all the issues that inevitably arise, knowing that you’ll weather the storm and come out smiling.
7. What are you each learning from your relationship right now?
(Ron) That learning never stops?!
(Jo) That learning never stops! Oh, Ron’s already said that! 😉
Greater compassion, understanding, and patience. A deeper trust in the unfolding flow of Life.
8. What advice can you offer other friends who work or have a business together?
 (Ron) Find your own balance, trust and be open.
(Jo) Good advice – and those can all take time. There may be bumps along the way, but have faith in your connection and your purpose, and you’ll keep making progress, and hopefully continue to serve and empower others as you do.
9. Is there anything else about your relationship that you’d like to share with us?
(Ron) Really just how much we appreciate Walter’s and Maureen’s (our spouses) understanding in giving us the time they do.
(Jo) So very true. We couldn’t write and publish what we do without their understanding and support. Thanks, Walt and Mo!

Please feel free to share the post if you found it interesting or useful in any way. Thank you!

~ Joanna