The Road Winds On…



The Road Winds On

Veiled in half-light, mist curls straying
like strands of moonglow across his path,
he stumbles, love lost, faith fading, all
anguish and torment: a heart sunk in fear.

Woodsmoke lingers, obscures the road;
curving lines hazed and hollowed;
spectral leaves weave luminous trail;
bruised shadows blend and sigh.

Pulled from gloom, limned by winter’s silky light,
a breathless wraith, no more than memory,
held captive by the haunting end of day:
his daughter hovers like a secret.

Looking, searching, listening, believing.
Never giving up, nor letting her go;
he forges on, love leading, faith burning, all
hope and belief: a heart light with promise.


Words © Joanna Gawn

Image © dan


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