ID-10031393The word ‘enlightenment’ will mean different things to different people. Each of us is unique, and so our individual life experience – our childhood and family life, our cultural norms, our filters of experience, and even our knowledge of 18th century history – will result in varied responses to the word.

In this post, I am choosing to use the word ‘enlightenment’ to mean an expansion of understanding, awareness, wisdom, and insight.


At the beginning of The Cordello Quest, Keira is a young woman with a degree of spiritual awareness and openness. She has recognised that the thoughts she focuses on are important, and that they affect her wellbeing.

She has read a few self-help books – and The Celestine Prophecy – and learned a little about herself. She has used affirmations as a way of improving her outlook, and not letting life’s challenges get her down. Keira is prone to worry and, as anyone who can’t switch off their ‘worry circuit’ knows, this can be tiring, draining, even plain irritating! She has tried meditation, and is doing the best she can to perceive the world in a way which leaves her feeling happier.

So Keira is open to change, to obtaining a deeper level of understanding, to gaining new and helpful insights about her life and her relationships. As she leaves Jason behind and is drawn into the parallel world of Cordello – and discovers her place in its legend – the people she meets there, the unexpected events which unfold around her, the insights she receives … they all contribute to her spiritual growth, to her ‘enlightenment’.

And of course there is one particular scene where ‘enlightenment’ becomes a very real, very blissful experience!

As Keira recognises and accepts the new insights, she uses them to strengthen her foundation, layer by layer. She still makes mistakes, because she is human, and no-one can be perfect. And a lifetime of thinking and acting in a certain way does not usually change overnight. Nor is progress usually a straight line!

But Keira is learning, she is growing, she is ‘enlightening’. As a result, perhaps she can offer the gift of spiritual awareness to others, and become an ‘enlightener’ herself …


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Words © Joanna Gawn

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