The Obsidian MirrorThe Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Time travel and the faery world collide in the first book in a stunning new sequence from the bestselling author of INCARCERON

What I thought of it

The Obsidian Mirror drew me in, entangled me within its web, and left me wanting more, much more – which is good, as it’s part of a series!

The storytelling is imaginative and pacy. There is some truly beautiful imagery, in particular the atmosphere conjured by the whirling snow and the old Abbey, and the stars described as “a dusting of diamonds”. There are quite a few phrases in this that I wish I’d crafted myself!

The Shee are chillingly wonderful, and I love the way some of the characters are able to slip between world-seasons, and how the author has described the edges of those worlds as they meet (another “oh, I wish I’d written that!” moment!) Her style fits my reading (and writing) preferences beautifully.

All of the characters are memorable in their own way, but Piers is the one who intrigues me the most!

A solid-as-a-rock 4 stars (very nearly a 5), and there’s no question: I shall be buying the sequel.

~ Joanna

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