Friday Fictioneers challenges writers to come up with a 100-word story based on a photo prompt.

Thanks to Marie Gail Stratford for the photo this week.

Our contributions are below.

Image (C) Marie Gail Stratford


Joanna’s story ~ ‘A Gift of Crystal’

“It’s almost complete,” Terris grinned. “Hey, why no smile?”
I bit my lip. “Not enough citrine.”
Terris frowned. “Oh yes … and without the perfect blend of crystals…”
“… the grid won’t work. We need the right combination of carnelian and citrine.”
“So what now?”
After a pause, I unclipped my citrine necklace, offering it to my husband.
“Your healing band? You’re sure?”
I nodded. My fear would return. An agoraphobic in deep space: what an irony.
But firing the grid would give another year of life to our crew.
What was my pain, compared with the loss of so many?

[100 words]

As someone who regularly works with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals, this image immediately reminded me of crystal grids. “Firing the grid” is also a phrase sometimes used in healing terminology. I couldn’t resist weaving those words into a sci-fi tale. 🙂


Ron’s Poem ~ ‘Empty Vessels’

Rays reflect emptiness
Coloured shells that contained
Each drained, each discarded
Stacked, useless, waiting
Store once full, now barren
Uncorked, exhausted, abandoned
All used – not replenished
Move on, find new, consume again
Until all is gone, just colour remains
A blue blob empty of life
Held in dark void – waiting

[52 words]


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