Ooh, look what arrived in the post!

MoL 1st proof paperback

My paperback proof copy of MOSAIC of LIGHT has arrived from the printers! Woohoo! 😀

I know my author friends will understand that feeling a writer has when their novel is suddenly a perfect-bound paperback for the first time … something that can be held and sniffed and stroked! Something which is solid! (Feel free to share your experiences in the Comments!)

And I know my reader friends will understand the feeling of holding a brand new book in their hands, with nearly 400 pages of unexplored worlds and unknown words hovering secretly just beneath the cover.  Isn’t that a magical feeling?

So yes, holding MOSAIC of LIGHT for the first time was a happy moment! (Ron can’t meet up with me until the 25th July, so is trying very hard to be patient!)

Meanwhile, the proofing and the pre-launch tasks and plans continue. We hope to fix a launch date very soon.

Next week, we’ll be sharing chapters 1 – 3 with you here on the blog. 🙂

Hope to see you then!

~ Joanna

P.S. If you missed our Cover Reveal & Blurb, and the announcement about Signed, Limited Editions with a free Kindle/PDF ebook copy, please read this post!



6 responses to “Ooh, look what arrived in the post!

  1. OMG! HUGE congratulations, what lovely moment! I totally understand. Hope you’re savouring every minute, Jo. And what a beautiful book it is too… XXXX 🙂 How long til launch day?

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    • I knew you’d understand, Nicky!

      We’ve just fixed Launch Day so we’ll be making an announcement about that on Monday, then emailing those who’ve expressed interest in the Signed, Limited Edition paperback + ebook bundle 🙂

      Exciting times! And you are familiar with those, too, with your own book launches. 🙂

      Happy days! xxx


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  4. I’m sorry I missed this post at the time Jo!

    How fabulous x


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