Mosaic of Light: Cover Reveal & Blurb!

This is it!

Time for the Cover Reveal here on the blog!

Drum roll, please…


MoL Light Front JPG

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Our huge thanks to the massively talented Stuart Cooper, the concept artist and illustrator who took the time to read Mosaic of Light, then worked really hard to create the best cover he could. We’re beyond thrilled with it! The man’s awesome!

We also have a BLURB!

With the Cordello Quest over, Keira’s and Jason’s lives have returned to normal. But Keira still dreams of her time in Cordello.

Unknown to Keira and Jason, the fates have prepared new friends and new challenges for them.  There is much to achieve on their everyday plane – and beyond.

The Roundlight Guardian stands as the last defence of a crystal city devoid of souls, a city at the mercy of a dark energy intent on devastation and destruction. The loss of light. The loss of hope. The loss of heart.

Preying on human vulnerabilities, the dark entity’s power grows ever stronger. Already so much has been lost; how will our friends discover the knowledge and insight to change its path?

What will it take for faith to conquer fear? Where will our friends find the resources to create the lovelight needed to eclipse the darkness?

Paperback cover

Although there’s still work to be done, we’re getting excited about the Launch, and even more so about sharing the latest book in the Lazuli Portals series. *grin*.

The book has had great feedback from our beta readers, so we hope you’ll love the book just as much as they do!

Mosaic of Light will be available for Kindle, as a PDF file, and in paperback.

 MoL 3D Corrected Spine-cropped

If you are interested in purchasing a Signed, Limited Edition paperback, please would you let us know as soon as possible.

Your input will help us to organise our special, mini print-run. There is no obligation to buy a copy if you have said “Yes”, but we want to make sure we print ‘enough’!

Stay tuned! 😉

Joanna & Ron | The Lazuli Portals



11 responses to “Mosaic of Light: Cover Reveal & Blurb!

  1. Looks beautiful Jo – and the premise very intriguing – I’m writing PS2 at the moment, and my characters are busy fighting the darkness too! Looking forward to reading it! xxx


  2. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


  3. Looks very impressive!


  4. The cover looks fantastic, Joanna! Congratulations on nearing completion. I’ll check it out in Amazon when it’s published.


  5. That is a beautifully-imagined cover 🙂 Very well done! Stuart Cooper did good 😉 Congrats on the newbie! xx


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