Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. It takes discipline to write a piece using only 100 words! It’s also fun to take part in the blog hop and to read the stories written by everyone else. 🙂

This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Ted Strutz.

Both Ron and I (Joanna) sensed the same atmosphere of isolation and potentially dark deeds within this image, so I  fitted my story with Ron’s to create a suspenseful duet. We hope you enjoy them!

Image © Ted Strutz
Image © Ted Strutz

Ron’s story ~ Twelve Dawns

The urgent call of the ferry again, and I am not there. Restrained in this chair with a view of freedom, but no chance of escape.

I am getting used to the pain my captors have inflicted over the past twelve dawns. Yet it still blinds me. I will never see dawn the same again, if I ever get away. Agony beyond time, then more hours recovering to prepare for the next morning session.

If I knew the answers to their pointless questions, I would give them up.

And then the drill starts again. HELP ME!

Then I fade away.

[100 words]


Joanna’s story ~ ‘The Call of the Wild’

The deep quiet of the wilderness gave a pervasive sense of isolation. Michelle shivered. Disembarking from the early-morning ferry just as it emitted its sonorous cry, she wished she could go back. But she couldn’t. Not until she’d found Max.

The ransom demand had been clear: “NO POLICE!”

The whispers from the trees huddled across the water folded around her.
The heavy chill of the lake seeped into her soul.
This place felt hard, rough, remote.

Then she heard the ragged scream. Max! She knew it was her twin!
The ensuing silence was superfluous.
Their link had been severed.

[100 words]


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