Two Tales for #FridayFictioneers: “Lemmings” and “That’s Nice”

Every Friday, writers from around the globe join to write tiny tales in response to a photo prompt posted on Rochelle’s blog. It takes discipline to write a piece using only 100 words! It’s also fun to take part in the blog hop and to read the stories written by everyone else. 🙂

Fictioneers: Please bear with me (Joanna) if I don’t get to your stories straight away. Ron and I have received the finished cover art for Mosaic of Light (our 2nd novel) from our designer/artist, and will be having a meeting on Friday regarding our pre-launch plans. I’ll catch up with your stories (and comments) as soon as I can, but this may not be until after the weekend. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Sandra Crook

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Sandra Crook

Joanna’s story ~ ‘Lemmings’

“We have to go that way!” said Emma.
“Why? Just because everyone else is?” I countered.
The flow of people swept past us, an unstoppable avalanche.
“They can’t all be wrong,” my friend reasoned.
“Can’t they?”
“What’s the matter with you, Cara?”
“I don’t want to be a lemming. I want to choose my own direction.”
“But how d’you know it’s the right one?”
“It will be. Because I’ve chosen it. I trust my instincts.”
Emma’s uncertain gaze followed the crowd.
“Do what feels right,” I urged. “Even if that means leaving me behind.”
Emma grinned. “I’m no lemming. Allons-y!”

[100 words]


Ron’s story ~ ‘That’s Nice’

So where are they all going?  I’ll just see a sec.  Oh, whatever it is must be interesting, there are others going as well.  Hey, keep your distance, Mrs! Wonder what is over there. I can see a bright light. That’s nice. Well at least the ground is hard here and the path seems to be well trodden so must go somewhere good.  Eventually.  Hey, how come we are all wearing the same coat? Two lights now, didn’t realise I was walking so fast.  Where’d everybody go. Ouch. I’m flying. Now I can see stars as well!

[97 words]


The tales written by other writers who’ve taken part this week can be found by clicking the blue frog below.

If you’d like to read any of our earlier stories, they can be found here and on our old blog.

We hope you enjoyed these tiny tales! If you like writing and want to take part in Fictioneers, please visit Rochelle’s blog for the “how to” guide. 🙂

If you’d like to connect with us on Twitter, we are @LazuliPortals. 🙂


20 responses to “Two Tales for #FridayFictioneers: “Lemmings” and “That’s Nice”

  1. Enjoyed them both. Two great takes on the prompt.


  2. Good take on the prompt. I like the bustle from both stories. Reminds me of walking in crowds on the way to work up in London. Always the one trying to swim the other way! And good luck with your meeting.


  3. Nice stories. Good luck this weekend.


  4. Yep. Forty million French people can’t be wrong!


  5. Both stories are tight with excitement and leave the reader wondering what happens next . Well done!


  6. I really like them both.. representing the odd way of always following the stream


  7. Dear Joanna and Ron,

    Seems we were on a similar path this week, ie followers and lemmings. I enjoyed them both.




  8. Joanna & Ron, Both stories were good. Different outcomes but well written. Good luck this weekend! 🙂 —Susan


  9. Dear Joanna and Ron, Love both the stories! Great! Congratulations on your book! Have fun this weekend! Nan 🙂


  10. I like Cara’s certainty – hopefully Emma will get there too.
    And Ron’s piece had a great narrative voice to it.


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